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April 3rd, 2008

After a big sewing jag, I plant myself on the couch. And try to avoid thinking about all the things I told myself I would do after all the sewing was over. Unfortunately not doing things gives you more time to dream up new things and remember even more things you said you’d do. So while I haven’t been here I’ve been furiously writing to do lists. Most of them involve pretty boring spring cleaning stuff like, clean out the spice rack. woo hoo! The glamorous life of me! But I dug out my old sewing to do list and added some new stuff to it (and crossed things off!). I realized last weekend, that had it not been for this blog I don’t think I would have made nearly as much stuff as I have this past year. I have my own little cheer squad here. Who wouldn’t want that? So thank you, thank you to everyone for your comments. They have pushed me to learn more and make more and think more creatively about what I am doing. I’m coming up on my 100th post and the 1000th comment, both are ridiculous and exciting, so there will be a giveaway soon. Until then, I thought if I actually posted my to do list, I would be motivated to do some of it. Feel free to share some or all of your “to make” lists in the comments.

The chair doesn’t have anything to do with this post. It’s just a bomb chair I got for $5 at the dig and save (how come no one told me they had furniture?).

to make

plush airplane or maybe helicopter

patchwork dolls with patchwork faces

animal dolls with mustaches and clothes and patterned all over (one down!)

modern felt book

dress for me, and a shirt and if those work then some pants

pillowcase pants for my kids

hats for everyone

hem all the curtains in the whole damn house

make all new throw pillows because I can’t stand looking at the ones we have any more

mend the enormous pile of clothes to mend

quilts, plural

clean up the hole my studio has become (aids in the making of things)

more sewing books

a nicer, cleaner website

*edited to add*

pajama pants from amy butler’s in stitches

three blind mice

the dish and the spoon

recover chairs, plural

stamped placemats

cover tin cans with linen (damn you, cotton friend)

another house mobile

robes for the kids from vintage towels

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9 Responses to to do

  1. alix says:

    My to make list:
    make a “to make list”:
    get a grip on what I want to make, what I haven’t finished and what the hell have I been doing?
    The above is after I’ve cleared through that draw in the desk where I throw anything smaller than a mobile phone and I don’t know where to put.
    Seriously lists are good and I will follow your lead. Sometime soon.
    I’m glad too that you’ve been doing this blog thing. you’re good company.

  2. jodie says:

    Thats big “to do” List. I always have variations on improving the sewing room on my list.
    Find more time would also be on my list.

  3. ariana says:

    It’s nice to know that other people make to-do lists that look like mine! I’ve heard that you should break lists down into small manageable parts, that advice never seems to sink in for me :)

    Allow me to highly recommend the throw pillow item on your list, they are so easy and satisfying to make. I love to make them when I should be doing something else.

  4. Heidi says:

    Oh boy…to write that list down…here it goes:

    Sew a Tote/Purse with extra pockets from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol

    Sew Spring/summer pants and kimonos for my daughter

    Make a list of Christmas projects which includes
    making felted sweater mittens

    Knit baby hats to have on hand for the enourmous number of babies due this fall

    Collaborate with MIL on quilt for daughter’s big girl bed

    Sew the dogs new beds

    Learn to embroider

    Also need to hem all the curtians in my damn house, plus make some more for the bedrooms

    Oh and for me, make those pj pants from Amy Butler’s In Stitches out of the old rosebud sheets I have stashed (somewhere)

    Ummm…clean out and organise crafting room/office before I do any of the above

    Okay, I guess it is not that bad now that I have it written out. Except that this list includes making another entirely separate list.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I promise to post more soon.

  5. sallyd says:

    well done on your wonderful blog! i’m known for being a list-person, but since having my first child i have forgotten about it all – my mind just wanders from one thing to the next with no rhyme or reason. I wander into shops (with list in my pocket) then completely forget why i’m there (oh & forget i have a list!) for me, lists are important, if nothing more than trying to organise my jumbled thoughts so some degree.. scrawled paper everywhere.. thank you for reminding to make lists for myself or including me in them.. (ie. make pants for me & get a haircut!) good luck with it! (ps. you make wonderful little toys!!)

  6. Rach says:

    I love lists – I have a little book that I write my orders in and list things I need. Then I forget that little book when I am out getting supplies and buy whatever. Then I find the little book and say some rude words about my bloomin’ lists…

  7. Nichol says:

    Can you make “animal dolls with mustaches” your top priority please, I’d like to see those. You should at least do it before you hem all the curtains in your whole damn house.

    Congratulations on 100 posts and 1000 comments—it’s not ridiculous.

  8. beetlegirl says:

    Oh, yes, mustachioed animals would be hilarious.

  9. mrs. french says:

    stupendous find! this chair is wonderful!