thirteenth day of advent

December 13th, 2009


Happy Saint Lucia day! There is some sweet bread rising in the kitchen and we might make some crowns later today, then a little parade will probably be in order because I have a girl very proud to be the oldest. There are directions for making a lovely Santa Lucia crown here and there are star hats for the boys there as well! Hey, you could even print out mr. smiley star up there and paste him all over the little boy’s  hat.

Download today’s coloring page here

Buy the whole coloring book here

See what everyone else has been coloring here

3 Responses to thirteenth day of advent

  1. CHar says:

    What a lovely idea…I am just boiling the water in the kettle for a lovely evening Tea…and will have a browse.
    Thanks for sharing all those colouring pages and great info!
    Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

  2. nath says:

    oh Meg! they’re all such sweet drawings. it’s been such fun seeing a new one every day.

  3. Skooks says:

    My little girl has been coloring all of the pictures . . . she loves getting her new picture every day. So, thank you! I posted a little bit about it on my blog. Stop by if you wish. :)

    Merry Christmas!