a little more KCWC and the winners

May 23rd, 2011

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One last KCWC photo montage. It was such a treat to see all the knot shorts that popped up in the flickr pool. They all turned out so well.  I’m so glad you all liked my little pattern. There might have to be more pattern making in my future.

I loved reading all you had to say about KCWC on the last post! There seemed to be equal numbers of those who took the challenge and ran with it and those who got bogged down and stopped, which is to be expected. Sometimes KCWC comes at the right time, creatively, and sometimes it doesn’t. I know I had to give myself a few pep talks during the week.  Sabine’s comment sums the week up nicely, I think:

SabineC says:

This was my second KCWC – and I fully intend to play along with the next one, too!
I started off well, the sailor pants for my son came out in just one day of “patterning” and one day of sewing – as I had hoped. The tunic I had intended for my little girl went all wrong, though. Started on Day 3, I had to unpick almost every seam after the fitting on Day 4…. And everyone knows that unpicking a seam goes w-a-a-a-y slower than sewing one! So that kind of took the wind out of my wings. A splitting headache on Day 5 prevented any sewing then.

So there I was, on Day 6, far behind on my schedule and feeling bad because of it. Until I realized that that was not the spirit of KCWC at all! Sure, it is nice if you manage to finish more projects, and, well, let’s face it, there’s something terribly addictive of showing (off) your pictures on Flickr, for the world to peruse and to cheer at your work (and your sense of pride ;-) ) But there’s something else.
I think that the KCWC is about giving you that little nudge to go and to KEEP going, using different motivators: the online “audience”, the inspiration you get from seeing all those other wonderful creations, the interviews and articles on the Elsie Marley Blog; the idea that one hour a day is (most of the time) really feasible, the personal drive from “within” that makes you believe that “Yes, I can do it!” and the pride that you feel when you do succeed.

So I single handedly opted to extend the KCWC and finished the tunic on, well, Day 8 and Day 10. Which meant no public cheering, but when my almost 2 year old daughter saw herself in the mirror with the tunic on, she went all “Oh! Mooooooi!” (*)
(and if that doesn’t give me the nudge to prolong the KCWC even more, then I don’t know what will :-) )

See you next time!


(*) In case you are wondering: yes, “Mooi” is the equivalent of “beautiful” in our language ;-)

If you played along then of course you are a winner, but the ones who one the contest were #9 for the I Love Paris doll kit:

After flaking completely last Fall, I approached KCWC Spring edition with a zip of manic energy. It was great motivation to use up my stash, to put to use the cute japanese patterns I spent so much time tracing a few months back, and to share the images on Flickr. I loved checking out other moms’ (and dads’?) creations every day. The part I liked best? I think it really upped my confidence. My kids are actually wearing the stuff this time around, too. Added bonus. Thanks again!

and  #21 for the Charlie Tunic Pattern

Wendy says:

I bottomed out after day two, simply because I didn’t want to make my own bias tape, and the nearest fabric store with the right color was 45 minutes away. But the challenge did get me started again, even though I didn’t finish anything. I will be better prepared in the fall; all of the gorgeous inspiration in the flickr pool has me planning already!

Congratulations! I’ll be in touch soon!

6 Responses to a little more KCWC and the winners

  1. Jenny says:

    Perfect! I love Sabine’s words on the spirit of the week! What a great attitude!
    I too am still working on one of the projects that I started, and it’s coming along quite nicely!

    Chat with you soon!

  2. Roser says:

    Mmmm… for my next time sewing I have prepare to make this shorts! I hadn’t time during the kcwc but it’s my next thing for my child

  3. SabineC says:

    LOL! So now I’ve been featured twice in the KCWC wrap-up posts, and yet I fall out of any prizes! ;-) I could be tearing my hair out, I guess, but instead I just find myself this silly grin plastered on my face :-) Like you said: we’re all winners, and so are our kids! Thanks for hosting such a great event, Meg – and for hand-picking my comments, especially as I am a non-native speaker. That, too, is a confidence boost.

  4. ashley says:

    I find myself coming up with excuses for why my oldest daughter should wear her knot shorts every day–I don’t think they’ve hit the drawer yet…wear, wash, repeat!! Thanks for the pattern and it was very fun to see my little one’s picture in your post!

  5. erin says:

    you are a gem to host this. i think it’s brilliant, meg. just wish that it were easier to sew for pre-teens. ;)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for posting my shorts (green linen with green gingham lining)! I really enjoyed making the pattern and love seeing them on my daughter.