the creativity club // march submissions

March 24th, 2015

the creativity club // visible mending

1. tumblingblocks 2. 3.boolahbaguette 4. brienne_moody 

There were a ton of submissions this month for the creativity club challenge: visible mending. I love a challenge that is both creative and useful. It seems you do too!

I picked a few I really loved. That cat with a backpack is killing me!! Do go see them all, though. They can be found under the hashtag  #thecreativityclub on instagram. If you’re not on instagram, you can see the tagged photos on the elsie marley facebook page (in the instagram app on the right).

the creativity club // visible mending

1. stars 2. stripes 

Here are my submissions. These are both for my youngest, but the mending pile is large (and keeps growing) so everyone is getting patches soon. I just need their pants to hold out until I can cut them off and make shorts.

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2 Responses to the creativity club // march submissions

  1. Karin says:

    totally stealing tumblingblocks’s mend. amazingly awesome. mending is awesome. more mending (and I did mine, too! thank you for the push!)

  2. kristin says:

    oh man i love these! i’m such a creativity club slacker…i tend to participate in my head. but these are so inspiring!