the creativity club challenge // march

March 16th, 2015

the creativity club // visible mending

When I re-started The Creativity Club at the beginning of the year, I wanted to explore big ideas I thought artists should explore: form, inspiration, perception, light. I wanted to get to the ideas behind the making of things. But unfortunately I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I am no art teacher. I know very little about the ideas behind art. The last art class I took was in high school for crying out loud.

My list of challenge ideas were at best difficult, but mostly just muddied and off putting. I needed to stop being so serious! Besides, for me it is through the making of things that the big ideas come about. The other way is too hard. So with that in mind, I threw that list away and started a new one. [this is the only thing I have on the list so far, so if you have any creativity club ideas please comment!]


1. Mend something! Make the mending visible.


This is pretty self explanatory, I think. There is some article of clothing in your house that has a hole in it. Fix it, but don’t hide the fixing. Here are some ideas to get you started:

the creativity club // visible mending

1. patch up your woolies 2. elbow patch 3. creative mending 4. visible mending as art form 5. sashiko tutorial 6. how to patch a hole with crochet


That means next Monday, March 23. Tag your work with #thecreativityclub so we can see it. This should be fun!

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11 Responses to the creativity club challenge // march

  1. Sarah M says:

    I actually loved February’s idea, but since it was so short and we’re in the middle of moving, I just brushed it off as not having enough time to complete it.
    Maybe something to do with patterns for one month (that’s totally vague, but you could make something up!) and maybe one month could be creating something derived pop culture since I *know* we all have at least 1 tv show or artist or singer/songwriter we’re obsessed with. You could even mix something from pop culture + something historical.
    Just my ideas that popped into my head!
    Sarah M

  2. Karin says:

    Love it Meg! And, I have a pile of mending (and make the waist skinners for the littles).

    Your challenge reminded me of an exhibit of Japanese “Boro” textiles I saw in San Francisco about 10 years ago. I returned to IL and mended something immediately.

    Here’s something inspiring:

  3. Maria says:

    Meg, up today I like all the ideas you have put on the table for the Creativity Club. The last one was great, but I just could not put my head straight to execute it (this is a rubbish excuse, I know). I think a balance between serious and not so serious is fine! I guess that is what means exploring art and creative process. you never know where they will come from. About the rain of ideas…what about something to do with colour. Pick one colour and develop something from that. Another could be with some chosen words, create a pictogram/pictograph. Talking about the present challenge, i just found the perfect top that need a bit of TLC.

  4. erin says:

    I love this one! And actually, I have liked them all. I just find that one week is not enough time for me. I seem to have my days planned on Monday morning and I don’t find enough thinking time to make the more challenging ideas a reality. It’s not that there isn’t enough time to do it, but by the time I have noodled it, it’s the weekend and then Monday just creeps up again. Total personal problem. This month’s assignment, however, I should be able to do if I can find something to mend! Time to clean the closet!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have done something similar! I patched jeans with colorful stitching.

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  8. Peg Mayor says:

    Do we post on Instagram? This motivated me to repair a favorite sweater with a hole in the elbow. I just don’t know where I’m supposed to post.

  9. Amanda says:

    I loved this. This is the first challenge I’ve actually finished (the best laid plans, right?), and it was just the kick I needed to get a few things de-holed. My daughter has a beloved dress with a torn shoulder, and I intend to fix it every time I take it out of the wash, but then I can’t find the right thread color, and blah blah it’s back to the safety pin for school. This was so liberating because I just used whatever was closest – done. Thanks!

    I also did the elbows of a sweater that I’ve had since 8th grade! My instagram is private, so my befores and afters won’t be shared under the #thecreativityclub, but it’s been done.

  10. Dam says:

    I like the challenges that are somehow fun and are connected with some practical/useable output.And really cool is a challenge that makes us get to know each other better.

    I think about doing something with food.
    Also I can imagine a challenge in connection with (making),dolls.