the creativity club challenge // january

January 27th, 2015

the creativity club challenge on elsie marley

1. stop knocking yourself out 2. why not just start 3. just because you are good at being busy does not mean that being busy is good 4. the hard way is the easy way

Amazing submissions this month for the creativity club challenge: inspire yourself. I picked a few of my favorites, but I urge you to go see them all. They can be found under the hashtag  #thecreativityclub. If you’re not on instagram, you can see all the tagged photos on the elsie marley facebook page (in the instagram app on the right). 

the creativity club challenge on elsie marley

1. let out the noise 2. the internet is ruining my creativity 3. what if something amazing happened today? 4. sarcasm is my superpower (no really…I mean it) 

And here is my submission. I wanted to say something about how I always get in my own damn way; how I stop myself from doing things; how I get caught up in analyzing things until the moment has passed; how I can’t move forward. I thought this summed it up in a round about way:

the creativity club challenge on elsie marley


Because if art were a beautiful chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, I would eat the hell out of it.

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11 Responses to the creativity club challenge // january

  1. Sarah M says:

    I loved scanning through them over the weekend! Mine didn’t show up on your facebook page, and it’s more than likely my error–I’m possibly the last late adopter on the planet. Here’s a link to my instagram submission: ( ) , and my blog post on it: ( )
    Sarah M

    • meg says:

      I think it probably didn’t show up because you’re instagram account is private? Thanks for sending me the link. I love the tape idea!

  2. Love your quote and cake! Fun seeing my own entry in your round up. Looking forward to the next challenge!

  3. Melissa Q. says:

    I loved this assignment! And, these quotes take the ‘cake’ (ha! Did you catch that?). I mean, seriously, we are damn inspiring! This was great fun, Meg! Can’t wait for Tuesdays homework.

  4. I was all set to do this tonight, then my kids took 3 hours to go to bed, so I thought fuck it and had a glass of wine instead!! FML

  5. Dam says:

    Love how all the quotes turned out.
    It is great to see what everybody has on his/her mind.

    looking forward to February’s task.

  6. Tara says:

    You said fuck! Such a salty little cake. Hehe.

  7. Zauberflink says:

    I only just discovered your challenge on Instagram – such fun! I will be taking part in the next round, can’t wait :-)

  8. Me acaba de Conocer su blog a través de una publicación en Instagrame. He disfrutado mucho retos y de sus consejos.