summer journal: simon says draw!

June 24th, 2013

Now that it’s officially summer, elsie marley is officially in summer mode. Like last year, I’m going to keep a simple summer journal. Post will be a bit shorter, a bit slap dash, just a peek into our summer days really.

If you like the idea of a simple, summertime blog I would love it if you played along! If you have a blog, use summer journal as your title. If you are more of an instgramer/twitterer/tumblrer type use the #summmerjournal hashtag. Leave a comment if you’d like to play along, so I can follow your summer journal!

simon says drawing game

The other afternoon, we played a game of Simon Says, Draw! Jean from the Artful Parent, posted about this game years ago and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since.  It’s just like the Simon Says game you played when you were little only with drawing instead. So Simon says things like:

  • draw a dot
  • use a blue crayon
  • draw a squiggle
  • pass your marker to the left
  • draw three eyes
  • draw seven legs
  • color something purple
  • color with two markers at the same time (this one was a bit hit)

You can say Simon says at the beginning of the sentence or not. That part of the game got lost and we just had fun telling each other what to draw. Everyone’s picture ends up completely different. And it’s a great game to wake up your creativity on a hot summer afternoon.

simon says drawing game




7 Responses to summer journal: simon says draw!

  1. Anja says:

    Hi, I would love to play along. I love the idea of making your own summer journal. Today was the last day of school here in Slovenia, Europe and tomorrow we’ll make our first summer journal. I’ll make my own as well :o)
    We made one at school with my pupils and I hope they will come back to school with their journals full of happy memories.

  2. kristin says:

    My daughter keeps asking to make cookies every day, so I should probably introduce activities like this before I burst. ;)

  3. Karin says:

    We are so doing this game! Although I predict the 3-year old will make us do something like eat a cookie. Looking forward to seeing your summer and stealing your ideas.

  4. Emily says:

    I’d love to play along. Love the idea for this game!

  5. rachel says:

    i just posted about some things we’ve been into this summer!
    Simon Says Draw looks like a lot of fun! We’ll have to try that sometime. Thanks for sharing.

    • meg says:

      Rachel, I love it! The beeswax candles are fantastic–I love the last picture especially! and you’ve inspired me to maybe even workout (for 7 minutes).

  6. Yeka says:

    Hi Meg, I’d love to play along! Just yesterday my kids drew something from cartoon movie they watched, I’ll try to post our summer activities weekly.