small fry skinny jeans

March 5th, 2014

small fry skinny jeans on elsie marley

Today the Small Fry Skinny Jean pattern tour is stopping here at elsie marley. I didn’t make hot pink pants or harlequin pants or floral skinnies for the tour. I just made plain old gray pants. Well they might look like plain old gray pants, but to me they are a bit of a masterpiece.

small fry skinnies on elsie marley

I think I’ve made my fair share of pants at this point, but I learned so many new things making these pants! I sewed belt loops for the first time, I made a little coin pocket (you know that little tiny pocket on your jeans), and a full on half fly.

small fry skinnies on elsie marley

Somehow I made the half fly completely backwards and inside out, but still. It works! And I think a half fly is perfect compromise for a 7 year old who only wants to wear track pants and a mother who refuses to sew track pants.

small fry skinnies on elsie marley

And would you look at the insides?! I think the longer you sew the more you think about the insides of a garment. Laura has written a pattern that makes your pants look pretty on the inside and out!  Can I get a little happy dance for that:

small fry skinnies on elsie marley

I measured my son and really, I should have made a long size six, but this one is like a weed. These pants? They are already 2 inches too short. So I made a size 7. Looking at this picture, I should maybe even lengthened it a bit. Still, I think they are just the right amount of slouchy and skinny.

small fry skinnies on elsie marley

This pattern is a lesson in pants making. Really all you need to know about making pants is in there: patch pockets, set-in pockets, full fly, half fly, faux fly, flat felled seams. Even if you don’t know what any of this means now, you will after reading and making these pants!

Lucky for you Laura is offering a 20% discount on the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from now until the end of the tour (March 15, 2014). Just enter TOUR20 when you check out. And check out all the tour while you’re at it!

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16 Responses to small fry skinny jeans

  1. Karin says:

    I want to make these. LOVE the ikat. LOVE the grey. LOVE the blue thread. (you changed thread?!) Thanks for sewing these up and sharing.

  2. Laura says:

    I happen to think grey jeans are pretty damn cool and the best thing is that they go with everything. I love the blue topstitching and the Ikat lining. Thanks so much for being on the tour today!

  3. Brooke says:

    The gray jeans have me sold. I’ve got to get this pattern for myself! Yours look so awesome.

  4. I am having some serious gray jeans envy over here… They look great, Meg. The best part of the pattern, other than the fit, are the finishing techniques. This is an area that I am sorely lacking in… And I had hoped too to show some fancy finishing too but it was not to be. I rushed them and smashed them through the machine. I skipped steps:( I comforted myself by thinking that they would be too wild for my boy and no one would see them for real… but he love’s em – even with the mess inside:) Now everyone at the local pool knows that I am a hack:)

  5. Natalie says:

    I totally love the grey! Very cool and seriously stylish! Besides, hot pink is not for everyone… that said, thanks for sharing the love with my hot pink jeans! :-)


  6. Toni-Maree says:

    Love them Meg! My boys always have a pair of gray pants in the drawer. Love the contrast thread.

  7. tara says:

    they turned out great, you old grumpus!

  8. Love them! Nothing wrong with grey jeans at all. They are my summer alternative to dark blue jeans.

  9. Celina says:

    Oh I love these! I was just at the thrift shop looking for grey jeans to upcycle for my pair of Small Fry Jeans and didn’t find any without any crazy wash and streaks. I am going a completely different route now. They look so awesome inside out too. So very awesome.

  10. Erin says:

    Love these Meg! All boys need gray skinnies..

  11. sarah says:

    these are so great and such an awesome wardrobe staple!

  12. mrs robinson says:

    Such cool skinnies! Love the top stitching and contrast fabric details… Hmmm, maybe this pattern could be the skinny version of the go-to Oliver+S sandbox pant…

  13. farrah says:

    these are awesome. Perfect color for the spring.

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