noodles over salzburg

January 5th, 2011

new print

The house is always so depressing after taking the christmas tree down. It just looks so sad and naked. But this year is different. We finished some spiffy new curtains right before christmas (I’ll show you later, because damn curtains are hard to photograph and really they aren’t incredibly interesting) and because I got this print right before christmas. I’ve been itching to get it up ever since it came. The print is called “Noodles Over Salzburg” and it was made by an old family friend. I think my sister has the same one (right, Katie?). Anyway, I love it. It’s ridiculous and awesome.

noodles over salzburg print

Thank you, everyone, for all the nice things you said about the new site. A couple of you asked who designed it and hey! it was me! My husband did all the actual making of it, while I just said, “here, put it here, or maybe here, no move it over!”

If you have any more questions you can ask them in the comment section and I can answer them there too! I know I’m late to the threaded comments party, but I finally made it. And it’s awesome. So we can reply to one another and have real discussions there.  It’s like you came over, except you have to bring your own coffee.

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12 Responses to noodles over salzburg

  1. monica says:

    fun picture!

    my tree is coming down tomorrow… I dread the needle carpet that will fill the house…

  2. Katie says:

    Yes, I have Noodles over Salzburg as well as Noodle Gondola and Life Cycle: A Psychodrama of Noodles, and Redbank, New Jersey, which is really a bunch of noodles over a city. I never really thought of those prints as food art, but I guess in a way they might be. I’m sure there’s an art history dissertation here somewhere.

    Be sure to get the noodles print framed. It’s worth it! Do-it-yourself frames are nice, and cheap, at American Frame. And a good resource for crafters.

    • meg says:

      How did you score all those?! I think I love every noodle print of his, but I would look like a crazy lady if I actually had them all.

  3. Sr. Mala Cosa says:

    Way cooler than “Moon Over My Hammy.”

    Digging the new blog. Kudos to robohub.

  4. Katie says:

    I’ve been searching for the perfect frames for my new prints from Etsy but maybe I’ll do it like yours – simple and nothing to distract the eyes from the print itself. Nice!

  5. My house is just doing the sad and naked look. I don’t even have a nice plant like that, as I’ve managed to kill them all.

    I tried to persuade Scrooge that we should keep the decorations up all year long, but he wouldn’t go for it…

  6. TK says:

    I think your noodles pic is SUPERB…yes I would want to get that up on my wall real fast too…..happy happy day to you TK xx

  7. mixette says:

    Ooooh…the site looks so so good! I’m late getting plugged back in so sorry I didn’t send congrats on unveiling day. Everyone has their tree curbside for recycling pickup tomorrow and it was amazing how good the ‘hood smelled on my dog walk this afternoon.

  8. urban craft says:

    awesome, my husband is also a designer but I think he’s getting tired of me saying, “maybe try that this way…” I got rid of the tree on Jan 1 and haven’t been happier. It is truly a new new year and the Christmas decor tends to drag on the old year for me. Beautiful illustration, quite a treasure.

  9. anna says:

    yes, I totally understand about it being depressing after taking the tree down!!!! I decided to just start decorating for valentines day to keep me happy! :)

  10. Rebecca says:

    I usually dread taking down the tree, but for some reason, this year I couldn’t wait to get rid of the tree. I am really missing the lights, though. I guess that means that I should address the lighting in my living room.