kcwc spring 2012: day five

April 27th, 2012

yellow linen hoodie

My youngest has a thing for hoods. He would be happy if every shirt he own had one (this tutorial makes that a possibility). He was looking a little like the incredible hulk in his old hoodie, so a new one was definitely in order.

hoodie from happy homemade vol. 2

the pattern: the hoodie pattern from Happy Homemade vol. 2. I made this pattern a few years ago and my son still wears his–has it on today actually. Successful boy’s patterns for tops made from woven fabric are few and far between. That makes this hoodie pattern practically perfect.  I added a kangaroo pocket to make it actually perfect.

the fabric: yellow linen from JoAnn’s. I’ve been using a lot of linen this week. I can’t help it, it is just so perfect for summertime kids: sturdy but still soft, lightweight but still durable. Also, my youngest is crazy for the color yellow and there aren’t a whole lot of tasteful options out there for that color. This yellow was yellow enough for him, but mustard-y enough for me.


the sewing: This pattern comes together crazy fast. The elastic in the front is a little fiddly and I know it doesn’t look the greatest, but whatever. The hoods on the last hoodies I made seemed small, so I made this hood bigger. Except I made it bigger in the back and now my son looks like a conehead. I fixed the hood not so it’s not so pointy (after this photo shoot), but it’s still elf-y. An elf is cuter than a conehead, right? I think the hood pattern needs to be made bigger in the front so it covers his forehead. I already cut out another of these hoodies for my five year old son, but I may re-draft the hood before I start sewing.


Here are today’s cuties from the flickr pool:

kcwc day five mosaic

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15 Responses to kcwc spring 2012: day five

  1. jacqueline says:

    LOVE the yellow hoodie! Have heard good things about that book. Does it have other boy patterns??

  2. Carla says:

    Hoods make every shirt better! I love how this turned out, you’ve convinced me to give Japanese pattern books a go. Thanks so much for including my shorts, the Flickr pool is overwhelmingly awesome, I feel super honored.

  3. Kate says:

    Agree – hoods are pretty much essential! I have this book and have been thinking of trying this pattern – would love to see how you modify the hood for optimal size and minimal cone-headedness!

  4. kristin says:

    Oh man, love this so much (even/especially the pointy elfkin hood – looks like it fits his demeanor well!). I have HHV2 but haven’t made anything out of it yet…after your projects this week, I think it’ll be a must! The yellow is awesome too. Really getting a kick out of yellow on little guys lately…

  5. christina says:

    that is the perfect shade of yellow! Your little guy is super cute.

  6. Lisa says:

    Hood issues and all, this is a pretty darn cute hoodie – I like it.

  7. Vanessa says:

    As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of yellow :) Love the cute hoodie. And thank you for including my dress in your post!!

  8. Crystal says:

    That’s so cute. The pocket makes it perfect. I bought this book last fall after you mentioned it and made my boy this in red/black checked flannel–he was wearing it yesterday! I agree with your comments on the pattern, the hood barely reaches his forehead but I do love the pointy elf-ness of it!

  9. Federica says:

    Hey, this one is really wonderful! I’ll try it!

  10. Better life says:

    I´m not a big fan of yellow but this shade of yellow I love!

  11. hey, on the Jo-Ann’s linens you use like this bright color, are they linen blends (and if so, linen/cotton? linen/poly?) — or does your store actually stock good colors of 100% linens? I feel like the pickings are always so slim at ours (located in one of those creepy half-vacant malls). On a related note, someone at the store told me that jo-ann’s was recently acquired by the group that owns nordstrom’s. strange.

    • meg says:

      I’m guessing this was a blend. I’ve recently come off my high 100%linen horse and started buying stuff with rayon in it. If there is enough linen–like 50% at least–it still behaves like linen.

      hey! my JoAnns is in a creepy half-vacant mall too!

  12. thank you for stopping by! I’m really in love with this hoodie! beside the fabric and the colour I like mostly the elastic in the front. it looks very special. and my middle son also likes to wear hoods a lot…! the KCWC was great! thank you for your effort!

  13. and I forgot to say: the best of this KCWC is that my head is full of ideas and I’m really in mood for sewing (and to blog again…) now after the KCWC! thank you!