kcwc guest post: trine from groovy baby and mama

October 5th, 2012

trine from groovy baby and mama

I discovered Trine and her blog, Groovybaby and Mama, only recently. The leather-shouldered sweatshirt (above right) popped up on my pinterest page and I was immediately hooked (and I’ve been scheming to make one ever since). All her clothes are equally cool: vintage-y cool, super modern cool, and just straight up little kid cool. Trine took a similar path to Sophie with the Kid Pants pattern, but her construction is completely different and she added some perfectly piped pockets! Trine sews and blogs in Denmark, be sure to stop by to say hi!

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When Meg asked me if I would be interested in doing my interpretation of Dana’s Kid Pants Pattern for the pre-KCWC week I immediately accepted. I had a whole lot of ideas – and still do, but ended up with this cool and comfy sweatpant version for my 5 year old daughter, Wilma.

First I started with the legs. I wanted to make a more skinny type of pants, so I took the legs in at both seams. Then I drafted pockets to the pattern. To get the pants long enough for my daughter I lengthened the legs by a couple of inches. I also added length to the waist as I wanted the ‘drop-crotch’ style. Finally I added a waistband.




Thank you so much for asking me to participate, Meg – and for hosting this awesome KCWC.


Happy sewing everyone,

Trine from Denmark

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Thanks Trine!

10 Responses to kcwc guest post: trine from groovy baby and mama

  1. Ani says:

    Love these! The shape is fantastic and really modern. I have older kids than most patterns I love are sized for, so seeing these simple but game-changing modifications is pretty awesome.

  2. sarah says:

    one of my favorite fringe benefits of KCWC is discovering new blogs. this is no exception! i have just been using google translator to read groovy mama and baby’s blog–the images are almost enough but then i had to see if she actually created all the things i was seeing…she takes gorgeous creations to another level and her children look like models haha. too much pretty in one place! (i apologize if this is too enthusiastic–i’m not a creep– i’m just blown away.)

  3. Karin says:

    perfect! I needed exactly this tutorial for the pockets!!! Thanks!

  4. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe how much I’m LOVING this color combo, I never would have figured it out myself. And piping always makes things better.

  5. louise says:

    I love that chevron coat!!

  6. Mie says:

    I LOVE what Trine makes….both kids and adult clothes. Good choice!

  7. Jo says:

    Thanks for introducing us to yet another great blog and blogger Meg! As said previously, this is one of the best things about KCWC – all the talented people popping up :-)

  8. Sandra says:


  9. kristin says:

    oh wow! great find, meg! i think i’d seen trine’s work here and there on pinterest and just assumed it was from a high end shop so i didn’t click through – i had no idea she was a sewing mom like the rest of us! reeeeally inspiring. i’m now a follower! :)