kcw summer 2014: ice scream shirt

July 22nd, 2014

ice scream shirt on elsie marley   I think if you have one artist in the family, the other kids shy away from it. My daughter draws all day long. My sons, barely ever. It’s hard for me to get my youngest to even pick up a pencil. It doesn’t help that he the lone lefty in a family of right handers. But he does know how to write all the letters and if you catch him in the right mood, he’s game.

ice scream shirt on elsie marley

He’s always in the mood for ice cream, so it wasn’t too hard to get him to write SCREAM! for this shirt. I used my daughter’s 8-scoop ice cream cone drawing that she made for the KCW buttons:

kcw summer 2014

I liked how the color popped on the gray shirt I made for my daughter, so I made another for my son. I changed the colors up on the graphic and used that TAP transfer paper again (affiliate link). My printer randomly decided not to print a small part of the image, but whatever. He loves this shirt! It’s not hemmed because I tried it on him to see if it was a good length and he would not take it off. It was soon covered in dirt and ice cream. Because when you make an ice cream shirt, you’re going to have to take the kids out for ice cream. Wait, didn’t you make an ice cream shirt for him last summer? you ask. Yes, yes I did. But someone threw it up in a tree this winter (unbeknowst to me) and I found it come spring, faded and ripped. Ugh.

basic handmade shorts on elsie marley


I made the shorts too, but they are too boring to even talk about. I started them last summer, but they were way too big. So they sat abandoned on my to do shelf for a year. I picked them up to finish them and first thing I did was sew on of the pockets on wrong side out. Oh well. The pattern is from Happy Homemade vol. 2 (affiliate link). Next time, I might take a cue from Brienne and leave off the seam allowances for a narrower fit.

ice scream shirt on elsie marley

That’s it for day two: basic, gray shorts and an ice scream shirt! Don’t forget to check out the KCW blog every day this week for more amazing handmade kid’s clothes!

9 Responses to kcw summer 2014: ice scream shirt

  1. Tasha says:

    I’m obsessed with your kids’ art! I keep thinking I can get something really fantastic out of my daughter, and then I remember she’s only two (and does not want to do anything suggested by her mother!). Ah well.

    • meg says:

      2 is little! my daughter is almost 9! And she went through a period where she only drew butts.

  2. Saskia says:

    I LOVE the toppling over icecream! Such a fun drawing. Would love to copy it on a tee for my kids? Or does your daughter have the copyright?


  3. jacq says:

    was he happy to rock something his sister had drawn?!
    think mine would be!
    also those natives are our favs- although some of our old ones stink! this happen to yours??

  4. gail says:

    that shirt is so awesome. and i was just trying to decide if i’m brave enough to try those shorts…probably not, but i do love yours!

  5. Iris says:

    Awesome shirt! Shorts too :-) Speaking of last years ice cream shirt, I’d still love to see that bindig tutorial, cause I real dig the look of that too!

  6. brooke says:

    I really need to try TAP paper. I tried some cheap transfer paper someone gave me and it did a terrible job and made my tanks look super cheap. Boo.
    I kinda want to make myself one of those ice cream shirts. I mean, it’s ice cream, who wouldn’t?

  7. Sarah Helene says:

    FAB T-SHIRT— WHAT A HUGE pile of scoops of ice cream on 1 cone! “SCREAM” printed in al caps by your son — yes! To know that your 8-yr-old daughter created the 8-scoop high ice cream cone–WOW! Thanks for sharing! FUN outfit & FAB photos with your son enthusiastically modeling. Sarah in Minneapolis