kcw summer 2013 [day 6]

July 20th, 2013

freezer paper stencil for kcw

I don’t have any finished clothes to show you today, but I do have a bunch of stencils. I’m not a big fan of Things On Shirts, but my kids are. Freezer paper stencils to the rescue!! I’m worried the ice cream will look weird, but I’m excited for the beetle. Any freezer paper stencils in your plans?

8 Responses to kcw summer 2013 [day 6]

  1. Wanett says:

    That beetle, and the ice cream cone, kick ass!!

  2. Karin says:

    Yes, what is it about this Things On Shirts phenomenon? Love the beetle, too!

  3. Max says:

    Those are going to look cool! The beetle is very trendy right now!

    I started sewing a mock-up of some overalls for Edison, but oh man life has been crazy & cold so I didn’t get much more than my muslin done for KCW!!

  4. cecile says:

    I just made a squid, yesterday ! My son loves having things on his t-shirts, so that he knows where the front is. I love your beetle !

  5. Tara says:

    my kids are turds when it comes to wearing shirts that don’t lure them in with a graphic. and most of the stuff in stores makes me grumpy. Yay for freezer paper!