kcw summer 2013 [day 1]

July 15th, 2013

summer kcw: I may have bitten off more than I can chew

I was tracing and cutting, and tracing and cutting, and I think I traced and cut too much. I thought I’d take it easy with this summertime KCW–a shirt or two, maybe a quick pair of shorts. Well, that turned into a shirt and pair of shorts for all 3 kids, make that two of each for everyone. And then, ooo that dress is cute, maybe I’ll make that too. Oh and I have those other projects I should probably finish. Which is why his large pile is staring at me.

tee shirts cut out, to sew

In reality, this week I’d like to finish these four tee shirts for sure and….

shorts cut out, to sew


and these four pairs of shorts. We’ll see…

Go check out my post on the kcw blog to see who got featured on day one. And keep up with all the kcw sewers on the new kcw community website!  Happy KCW!


2 Responses to kcw summer 2013 [day 1]

  1. Marieke says:

    Man, I’ve been so far behind on blog reading that I missed about kcw being here and I really wanted to join this time….. Ok. I signed up for the site (which btw is beautiful) and I’m off to finish a pair of little man shorts! It’s not too late!! :-)

  2. Amy says:

    Fun! I’m not able to join along for the summer sew, but I enjoy following along with everyone else’s progress!

    Just wanted to let you know (you probably already do), the new blog/website doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 8. Crashes the whole kit and kaboodle every time. I know it’s kind of an outdated browser, but it’s what I’m stuck with. Bummer :(