kcw fall 2013: day one

October 21st, 2013

Day one of KCW and I’ve got absolutely nothing to show you. Not even a stack of fabric! I’m going in cold, very cold. Last week, my husband and I went on a very lovely trip to Montreal (sans kids!) for our 10th anniversary. We ate amazing food and drank coffee and walked around the beautiful city, but there was no pattern taping or cutting or anything much sewing related at all. Though I did sneak in some fabric shopping with Celina Bailey.

legwarmers and circle skirt by Mareika

So I’ve got nothing, but you! you are on the ball. I am so in love with that skirt and legwarmer combo by Mareika. If anything can get the creative juices flowing (or the sewing machine chugging) it’s a peek at all the projects you’ve sewn.  I might just be inspired enough for an outfit or two by the weeks end, who knows.

Go check out the KCW blog for more beautiful garments to inspire you. And then turn off your computer and sew!

3 Responses to kcw fall 2013: day one

  1. Tracy King says:

    I am a native MTLer !!! I love to hear about it when internet personalities visit our amazing city :) Hope you post more about your fabric purchases. KCW Fall 2013 will be quiet for me too but I will be following along.

  2. Jams says:

    My hubby and I had a kid free 5 days in Montreal for our 10 year anniversary in June. It was lovely. We flew around the city by Bixi Bike and it was fabulous!

    • meg says:

      what a coincidence–we had 5 kid free days and biked around a bunch too! Though it became quickly apparent that Montreal was built on a hill. All the better to work off the croissants I guess :)