kcw day two [spring 2013]

April 23rd, 2013

pattern cutting

Hour #2

1. laying out pattern pieces: I think laying out pattern pieces to use the least amount of fabric is a lost art. I am certainly no good at it. And I find many new patterns I buy don’t even include a layout diagram!  Oliver + S does of course. I tend to use freezer paper for my patterns so I don’t have to pin anything. This photo is right before I ironed all the pattern pieces down. And right after I took this picture I thought, “wait! I should really make a muslin.”

making a muslin

2. making a muslin: this photo should be titled “trying to sew a muslin while carrying on a conversation with a 3 year old (about snacktime) and a 6 year old (about what a muslin is) simultaneously.” The title explains why the darts are on the outside and why one shoulder seam is right and the other so wrong.  It did fit–it may not look like it in the photo, but trust me it fit.

fairy tale dress pattern pieces

3. cutting the fabric: now this took me the whole hour. Every piece up there is double (either folded in half or two pieces stacked on top of each other).  This is how 6 yards of fabric comes together to make one little dress!

collar and bow

The fairy tale dress (view B) is mostly one color, but the collar and bow can be a contrasting color. Well, obviously you can do whatever you like, but two fabrics are suggested (and it’s a good suggestion). I was going to find a sweet floral print for the second fabric, but then I discovered this vintage sheet in my fabric stash. White swiss dot for the main fabric and multi color polka dot for the contrasting fabric? I mean come on! It’s perfect!


14 Responses to kcw day two [spring 2013]

  1. dana says:

    I’m dying to see the finished product!! Is it coming tomorrow??

  2. Carolina says:

    Oh, lovely fabric. I’m looking something like that for her first birthday dress.

  3. Jenny says:

    I cannot tell you how happy your KCW posts are making me, Meg. To see that your first two days have been mostly tracing and cutting, with hardly any sewing at all makes me feel so much better! I keep seeing all these Wonder Women on Instagram who have completed multiple items already and I feel like such a loser. (Not really… well kind of). Now I feel better. :) Thanks for keeping it real for those of us who are a bit slower.

  4. Carla says:

    Sewing for kids while talking to kids, that really kicks the challenge up a notch!

  5. Katie says:

    Love the combination of Swiss dot and multi color polka dot- can’t wait to see the finished project!

  6. kristin says:

    ooooo such a rebel using colored polka dots! i love it. :D

  7. Jaya says:

    i have followed KCWS for a few years, but never was free to actually do it. this year, my baby is in school, so i have the time (and energy) to do this sewalong with you all. i am so excited to participate!

    i heard six yards of fabric and one little dress.. and nearly fainted. usually, I make clothes from one yard, maximum two yards of fabric. And use the cheapest, softest cotton i can find , for the lining. Do you use the ( fashion fabric) for the lining too?

    • meg says:

      I picked out a crisp shirting for the lining. The lining needed to be opaque, because the main fabric was pretty thin. I don’t usually go for the fashion fabric linings–they are so polyester and static-y most of the time! Even though it was a lot of fabric, it only worked out to about $20 in materials.

  8. I love when we can see your toes peeking into the bottom of a photo!

  9. Oh, I love that you are posting the process. I’ve been sewing a year now, and the part of laying out the pieces of pattern on the fabric, and how to cute them out (really, you pin PAPER to fabric?) seemed so confusing. My mom sews, so she cleared a lot of that up to me, and then the internet taught me about freezer paper and muslins, and I’m a little less confused, but I LOVE seeing photos of the entire process, along with any mishaps (or distracting toddler/child conversations!) that occur along the way. Plus, I’m kind of loving the anticipation of seeing this final product!!

  10. Nina says:

    Thank you for making this look like something I can accomplish! I have tried to make children’s clothing before and always give up and just buy finished pieces online. :)