kcw day three: pattern tracing

January 29th, 2014

pattern drafting

I completely missed day two of KCW. I was laid up in bed, sick. The awful bug that had been making all my children barf at 2 in the morning finally caught up to me. Ugh. Today I rallied, if only for a bit.

pattern drafting with kitties

Enough to trace some patterns and even draft one of my own. Pattern drafting with two kitties on the prowl is difficult to say the least. If I hadn’t told you already: we got two kitties! They are adorable, but they are a lot more interested in what I’m doing (read: in the way) than our dog ever was.

fabric and kitty

Still a few patterns were traced and even some fabric was cut. I’m moving slow this KCW, but as long as I’m getting my hour in every day I’m doing okay.  Have you been checking in on the KCW blog? There have been some lovely garments featured for day one, two, and three. Go see!

6 Responses to kcw day three: pattern tracing

  1. Annika says:

    Oh, I so know what you mean about the kitties. I always have to close the door when I trace patterns or cut fabric as otherwise our cat will come and play with everything that’s on the floor…

    • meg says:

      I’m going to have to lock them in the bedroom to get anything done! But then, ack! what are they going to get into in the bedroom?!

  2. Catelyn says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I have the same problem with a ‘very interested’ puppy. If it is on the floor it is either to play with or sleep on. Good luck!

  3. Oh the kitties are so cute!

  4. Tara says:

    Your kitties are so pretty! I have a special soft spot for gray shorthaired cats, which is weird because I’ve owned a lot of cats in my lifetime and none have looked like that. Whatever your cats are doing to your pattern pieces, that’s my kids. They show up and start batting my stuff around gleefully. Shredding it. Squealing and hissing.

    • meg says:

      I’ve never owned cats before, so all of this is super new to me. They are strange little creatures–and so are your kids. ha!