fall coats

August 12th, 2008

It was actually chilly when I woke up this morning. The tomatoes are barely ripe and I can’t wait for the cold weather to get here.  I really can’t complain, it’s been a pleasant summer here in the midwest. It’s just not the season for me. I’ve been thinking about making a coat for winter, but I think it may be beyond my skills right now. So I just look at the lovely coats other people have made.

1. little red riding hood cape by ilikeyouworld
2. plum coat by LittleHouses
3. the peahoodie by Abigail Adams
4. mustard pea coat by stewwie

There are some really fantastic clothing shops on etsy.  A lot of these things are made just for you, with your measurements and all. This is couture for the masses! I love it. Do you know any good clothes makers (tailors? fashion designers?) on etsy?

Thanks for all your post office bag love. Who knew a strip of fabric with handles could be so exciting?

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  1. tiffany says:

    oh… i adore each and every one of these coats and have certainly favorited a couple of these!
    i am always amazed at how great so many etsy folks are and wish i had an endless supply of money to buy all those excellent things!
    some of my etsy favorties are valerie of dear birthday (she’s my absolute favorite!)… timber! (timberps) designs are so great… kimenna… alysha bean… vain and vapid… shaybelle… and abi of abibansaldesign!
    whew! that was fun!
    thanks for sharing those lovely autumn jackets! (i’m secretly looking forward to fall…)

  2. Did you, by chance, see this post by Sew Liberated?
    She links to a cool-looking pattern that seems attainable. At least on my computer screen. Every screen is different, mind you.

  3. Ruth says:

    I’m not much of a summer person either, I have plans to make my self an autumn coat (even got as far as buying the pattern!!!) after being inspired by this post
    The girl that made it doesn’t sell them I don’t think, but I had to share because it is so lovely.
    I think I will make mine in mustard yellow, like the one above.

  4. amandajean says:

    I’m giddy for fall to be here after the past few cool nights. I love the hint of fall so early in August.

    the red riding hood one is so great.

    and are you making fun of us that we love your package carrier so much? ;)

  5. I love them all!!! Particularly the peahoodie! Thanks for the links, I LOVE custom etsy clothes, couture for the masses is right!

  6. Alexis says:

    I love Fall, and I want the red riding hood cape!

  7. Cindy says:

    I made my little girl a red coat for this winter, it even had little red riding hood fabric for the lining. It is still ne of my favourites. I am actually hoping to get my custom children designs up onto Etsy at the end of the month, only problem is being a Aussie dweller my seasons are in reverse, and we are looking to defrost our way into summer.

  8. molly says:

    No wonder I like your sensibilities so much — a fellow midwesterner! I’m with you, I can’t wait for it to get cool and the sweaters, coats and boots to come out. Thanks for sharing these great finds.

  9. Oh poo. Winter is nearly done.

  10. love the color of the yellow one. i am going to make myself a coat this winter. i want some olive green velveteen or something like it. i think i see the perfect one in one of your pictures…

  11. ooops the green i saw was on another site.

  12. Kirsty says:

    The red cape is fabulous. I wish I could pull something like that off.

  13. Blue Castle says:

    I have to agree. I’m looking forward to the crispness of fall and having to put some extra layers on. This summer hasn’t been too bad, but I think I like being cold rather than being hot.

  14. kimberlee says:

    wow, some really nice fashions here. I like the idea of riding hood, but you definitely couldn’t hold a baby on your hip and carry in the groceries with that on :)

    off to check out the links

    thanks for stopping by and saying hi :)

  15. Lil' d says:

    I made my daughter a winter coat and it was surprisingly easy (first proper sewing pattern that I followed). I’m hoping there’s enough of the fabric left to make her another one for this year. I’m kicking myself for not buying enough of the fabric to make one for me, too.