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April 16th, 2010


I need some help. I dyed this piece of fabric to make a curtain for our bathroom window, but my husband vetoed it. It wasn’t the fabric that he didn’t like, he didn’t want a curtain at all.  We did put up frosted plastic (or whatever you call it) for privacy, but I am paranoid that my neighbors can see me. So now I have probably a little over a yard of this ombre-ish fabric and don’t know what to make. Do you have any good ideas? Or patterns that would work?


I picked up this fabric from the sale bin (5 bucks!) yesterday because I really like the pattern, but I’m not super crazy for the colors. I thought maybe I could bleach it or overdye it or both. Do you think that would work? What color dye would look good over it? It’s just so weirdly christmasy. What do you think?

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  1. I would totally use the ombre one for a long skirt! But of course, I am a long skirt wearer. I don’t know about you?

  2. amanda says:

    for the ombre fabric I would make it into a full knee length skirt. for the other fabric, I don’t see it as Christmasy at all! to me, it reads like an ikat fabric which is so IN right now. I would make it into a tulip skirt from Wiksten’s pattern.

    I hope you’ll find some good uses for them.

  3. Jane says:

    Perhaps you could fuse the fabric to some Timtex – something sturdy and make a shade. I know what you mean about privacy. I don’t have a window in my bathroom, but a roman shade would be another option. I’ve made them – they are not hard ,just fiddly.

  4. kendra says:

    i’d like that for a skirt too – or a tiered skirt for your girl? the second – can you test overdye a swatch? otherwise i could see it in some type of cushion or bag perhaps…

  5. I like the idea of bleaching the ikat fabric.

  6. mixette says:

    That ombre fabric would make a really cute sleeveless scoop-neck top. The gradation would be really flattering and 1 yard would probably be enough.

    Have you ever looked at this blog: stitchindye.blogspot.com

    She dyes her own fabric – might be some inspiration there colorwise. Plus I think she has a book that just came out about dyeing fabric. Hmmm…been meaning to check that one out myself.

  7. tessa says:

    you could try over-dying that fabric with instant coffee. it would unify the colors and tone down the white. I’ve had good luck with that. Also there is a product to wash new fabric pre-dye that makes it accept color really well and uniformly- can’t remember the name but Dharma Trading company sells it online.

  8. tessa says:

    not that I think that you need that product (whose name I can’t remember)! it has just totally changed my fabric-dying life- I love it- even if I can’t remember what its called…

  9. Jenni says:

    I don’t know what to make as such with your lovely dyed fabric but I think it would look dreamy, crinkled in that Indian manner. I think the fabric is wet then either someone else holds one end or secure with a weight on the table & twist in one direction until you can’t twist anymore, then grab the two ends together & let them twist around themselves then tie in a knot & let dry over a few days. I think this would make a beautiful singlet top or front panel in a longer top with maybe a darker blue linen for the sleeves & back.
    Sorry about the novel but it certainly got my creative juices going.

  10. Hyena In Petticoats says:

    I’d totally make a dress out of the fabric – I’m thinking like Martha from Uniform Studio?


    And the second fabric would look amazing overdyed – you’ll still be able to see the pattern, but you can change the colours – win!

    Leah xxx

  11. megan says:

    I second the comment about making the ikat fabric into a wiksten tulip skirt! that would be perfect! and the dyed fabric…http://www.freidesigns.com/look9.html that might give you some ideas. :) good luck! i can’t wait to see what those fabrics become.

  12. Vivien says:

    That blue fabric in the 3 shades could be stretched over a cheap canvas from a discount store and stapled on to the back of the frame. To me it looks like the sea, so you’d need the lighter shade at the bottom so it gets darker as it goes further away but on a gloomy day it can look the other way round, so take your pick! Then you could cut out some white or a bit yellowy coloured felt for sand with a wavy edge like the sea is washing in on to it and then seaside shapes from coloured felt and glue them on to make a beach scene – children, dogs, deck chairs, umbrella beach shades stuck in the sand etc. Voila!

  13. FancyTeresa says:

    I love your style; your lifestyle is an inspiration to me!

    I’m really liking the idea of that blue fabric being stretched over a canvas, too– there’s not much you can make out of a single yard and still savor the tri-tone color palate! Let the color speak for itself– or embroider some white and yellow stick blossoms.

    The second material is very fun, too– I say bleach it out and maybe dye it a little blue-gray. But I’m currently loving blue-grays and bright yellows.