dump truck

February 12th, 2008

this was a lot harder than it looks.  And even though it only needs a few buttons (wheels, headlights, tail lights) I can’t bring myself to finish it.  I thought I’d move on from diggers and try my hand at dump trucks.  The body of the truck wasn’t so bad–a lot of confusing parts, but it worked out okay.  But the actually dumping part (I have to learn me some technical terms if I’m going to keep making these things) was pretty damn frustrating.  I used timtex (well something like timtex but fusable–it was all they had–and I just fused both sides to cotton batting) and holy crap is that stuff hard to deal with.  Granted I probably shouldn’t be using it on something so small, but I couldn’t figure out how to make all the sides of the dumper sturdy.  It comes together just like a bag with a lining would, except if your bag has an extra thick layer of stiff as hell interfacing then it turns out that the inside is smaller than the outside and the lining you made has to be remade smaller (but whoops not that small, make it again).  Turning that sucker out was such a pain that I had to take a break half way through.  But now that I’m looking at it a day later (and complaining all over the place about it) I’m starting to like it again.  So really I have to rethink the pattern–any suggestions?  But I am happy about on thing: it dumps.

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7 Responses to dump truck

  1. Jenna says:

    I think dumper(?) part of the truck looks great, but I understand what you mean about the turning. I love trying to figure this kinda stuff out. Do you need/want the inside of the dumper to be sewn to the bottom? If not, you could construct the inside and outside as two separate pieces, put wrong sides together, fold seam allowances under, then carfully topstitch along that top edge. I’m really good at coming up with the hardest way to do things so this might not be the best answer. Have fun!

  2. jodie says:

    oh I can’t even imagine where you would begin!

  3. Kristel says:

    I love to look at your blog! That’s why I gave you a “you make my day” award!
    Come to my blog to get it.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    What a fun and cute idea!

  5. seemownay says:

    I wanted to say the same as Jenna – have you tried that? It could be the solution.
    Anyhow, I LOVE the dumper truck.

  6. this does look hard to make but it is SO cute!

  7. I’m with Jenna — this seems like the easiest solution, but then again I love the bright orange hand embroidery on yours so this might not work. Anyway, I totally LOVE the dumptruck and would TOTALLY get one for my kid if one were to be for sale on etsy. You know, just if. : )