October 31st, 2007

After two days of two children whining non stop, I needed to reward myself with a little project. I started this digger months ago, but it sat in parts without it’s digger since then. So last night I watched some trashy tv (is there anything but?) and stuffed and stitched. I stopped working on it because I wasn’t happy with the design and because I wasn’t sure the digger part would actually come out. But it did. I never want to start working on the hardest part of whatever I’m making, but of course it always ends up being the most satisfying. I made some covered buttons for the button joints (do buttons with shanks even work for button joints?) but I liked the way it looked without them, so they went in the cab. There has been construction in our neighborhood, well, since my daughter was born and she points out all the diggers to me everyday. I thought it would be nice to make a digger for her that was a little on the girlie side. So there you have a slightly tufted, movable, flowery, digger. I’ve got another already cut out, with a slightly different pattern and I thought a patchwork digger would be cool. So more to come, hopefully.I think I’ll enter this into the Holiday Softies Central Awards (right under the wire) because I think it would be a great toy to find under the tree (if you are a 2 year old girl obsessed with diggers, that is).  Here are a bunch of other entries that I think are fantastic. Go look!

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9 Responses to digger

  1. Ali says:

    That is the most incredible softie I have set eyes on in a long time. I don’t know whether to bookmark it to show the boys in the morning, or hide it, because I could never fulfill the inevitable request.

    Pattern …. tutorial …. sell them …. (I’m working on your subconscious)

  2. Monica says:

    my 2 yr old, who’s sitting on my lap said ‘nice didder’.

    So I guess it passed the test!!

  3. Ahna says:

    That is a fabulous digger – way to go! I love that it’s for your girl!
    Thanks for sharing the soft toy contest stuff – I’ve got to say, I like your entries best of all. Good luck!

  4. French Knots says:

    Amazing! Your pieces are wonderful, Jack Sprat and his wife are super too.

  5. VictoriaE says:

    Brilliant! I love the concept – a flowery digger and the finished product is great. It would make a great present for a little girl. you’ve been busy since I last visited!

  6. wiz says:

    You are truly talented. Love all your crafts, wish I could sew like you. But I think I better stick to cakes. Keep on creating those lovely crafts.

  7. elsie marley says:

    […] last night.   Sewing things for the shop to boot!  You can see pieces of a couple different diggers above.  I was really excited about making a patchwork digger, but it has proved to be a royal […]

  8. […] October 31, 2007 I moved to a new site and you can now find this post at http://www.elsiemarley.com/digger.html […]