crochet bandana cowl

November 19th, 2012

crochet bandana cowl

I have been on a bit of a crocheting kick recently. After all the sewing for kcwc I got rather sick of looking at my sewing machine. And I got sick of certain little people poo-pooing things I made for them. So I went to the yarn store and bought some beautiful, soft, and squishy yarn to make something just for me.

crochet bandana cowl

I’m not usually a fan of things trying desperately to be something they are not–think tofu dogs. Crochet is not knitting, even though they both use yarn. Crochet is its own art and has its own strengths that I try to showcase. But I wanted so badly to make the bandana cowl pattern by Purl Bee.  Looking at it was painful, because it is so perfect, but I can’t knit to save my life.

crochet bandana cowl

Thankfully someone made an equally awesome crochet bandana cowl–no tofu dogs in sight. The cowl is the same shape as the knitted version, but I think the stitches were chosen by someone who loves crochet and knows how to show of its strengths.  It worked up super fast in the gorgeous wool/silk blend yarn I bought. All the cowl details are on ravelry if you are interested.

crochet on crochet

ooo! looks like there’s a little crochet on crochet action going on in this last picture.


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13 Responses to crochet bandana cowl

  1. sanae says:

    So beautiful, Meg! I can’t crochet and can barely knit but this makes me want to go buy yarn and give it a go!

  2. kristin says:

    Yeah this is really pretty – can’t crochet either but I’m pinning for later…hoping to get some lessons on Thanksgiving!

  3. meg says:

    thanks ladies! and really crochet is dead easy–give it a go!

  4. Kari says:

    Hi. I’m new to your blog but have been really enjoying it. Thank you so much for this post. I, too, had been eyeing the bandanna cowl on Purlbee and wishing it was crochet. The version you have looks perfect. I will whip one up as soon as I finish all the other projects I promised myself I would finish before I allowed myself to buy any more wool.

  5. Anne Marie says:

    It looks so soft. I’ll need to remember that yarn ans pattern.

  6. Melissa Q. says:

    ooh, I’ve always wanted to try crochet and this is making it even more tempting. I heard it was easier than knitting and that is my primary motivation for learning it, a knitter I am not.

  7. This is really lovely and I like the shape. You did a fantastic job. I believe that you can just never have enough cowls.

  8. I LOVE it. I just need to learn to crochet first :s

  9. jacq says:

    Oh my goodness! Absolutely love this!
    Have also eyed the bandana cowl on purlbee and even attempted to start knitting it but was in over my head much too quickly.
    Crochet though?! Can do that!
    Thank you for the lead to the pattern- just in time for a holiday travel project.

  10. Katie says:

    Very pretty! And it sounds like your little people are getting fashion ideas of their own. How fun!

  11. sophie says:

    Funny I’m your opposite ;) I can knit but can’t crochet to save my life! I actually made the bandana cowl last year! I love the way yours turn out though. It doesn’t look like a fake knitting project just a more airy take on the knitting one. Love the yarn you chose.