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kcw summer 2013 [day 2]


This picture pretty much sums up how my sewing went yesterday. So I’m making a simple tee out of a giant green jersey skirt I got for cheap at Target (ho, ho, ho greeeen jersey). I cut out the front and the back of the tee, using the machine hems that were on the skirt. I patted myself on the back for saving a step. When I went to attach the sleeves, I realized, silly me I should have cut those on the machine hem too. I grabbed the skirt, threw it on top of everything I was working on, found a bit of hem left, and cut one sleeve. Then I looked around for a bit more to use and found some–I couldn’t believe my luck! Cut out the other sleeve and as I made the last snip realized I was cutting the sleeve out of the front of my shirt! Aaarrrrggg!


Thankfully the skirt was very large and there was enough of it left to cut out another back & front. But seriously, not the best way to start off the week. I’m rallying though! That’s what KCW is all about right? Getting back on the horse. Like these amazing sewers.

kcw summer 2013 [day 1]

summer kcw: I may have bitten off more than I can chew

I was tracing and cutting, and tracing and cutting, and I think I traced and cut too much. I thought I’d take it easy with this summertime KCW–a shirt or two, maybe a quick pair of shorts. Well, that turned into a shirt and pair of shorts for all 3 kids, make that two of each for everyone. And then, ooo that dress is cute, maybe I’ll make that too. Oh and I have those other projects I should probably finish. Which is why his large pile is staring at me.

tee shirts cut out, to sew

In reality, this week I’d like to finish these four tee shirts for sure and….

shorts cut out, to sew


and these four pairs of shorts. We’ll see…

Go check out my post on the kcw blog to see who got featured on day one. And keep up with all the kcw sewers on the new kcw community website!  Happy KCW!