things on the internet that are awesome

March 15th, 2012

blocks as hooks

it’s been a while since my last installment of things on the internet that are awesome. So here you go, a few awesome things for spring.

blocks as hooks. It is a super simple diy and super chic but still perfect for a kids room.


cursive animals

cursive letters made into adorable animals. Just right for my little girl’s obsession with learning cursive.

wooden mp3 player

-a perfect wooden mp3 player. Too bad it’s pricey as hell.

wrapped, braided extention cords

wrapped, braided extension cords. This was a design sponge diy from a while back that I must have missed, but damn! isn’t it awesome? I love useful, sculptural, crazy art, but as my mother would say, “That’ll keep you busy.”

estonian kringle

estonian kringle.  Wouldn’t this be lovely on Easter morning?


8 Responses to things on the internet that are awesome

  1. Haley says:

    those blocks as hooks just blew my mind. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nicole says:

    funny how the cord and kringle resemble one another. The latter looks mighty delicious.

  3. Kristi says:

    So awesome. I’ve been looking for an mp3 player for the kids room. Maybe Target will make a knock off that I can afford.

  4. lise says:

    Loving the hook blocks!

  5. Ha! My Dad says that to me all the time, among other more colorful sayings that crack me up.

  6. A wooden mp3 player? Hmm, cool. It’s utterly, utterly hip and awesome, but it also looks easier to knock off a dresser than a tiny piece of electronics.

    (So let’s think about that and feel comforted!)

    Still, it’s awesome. Dang, wouldn’t it be nice to be rich sometimes?

  7. molly says:

    estonian kringle?

    estonian KRINGLE?

    oh heck, gotta get me some of that….

    see ya.