things from the thrift store (and one from the curb)

June 24th, 2011

yellow house platter

-a wooden serving tray with a lovely yellow cottage on it. My daughter said, “Is that where Laura [of Little House in the Prarie] lives?”

wool blanket

-a fantastic wool blanket. I got this a while back, but hey! it’s 50 degrees, so we’re still using it! I’m not complaining–this is my kind of summer. Awesome things to do everywhere, but none of that hot ass weather that goes a long with it.

toby toy computer

-a ridiculously analog computer. It’s hilarious, how could I pass it up?

metal basket from the curb

-and this bad boy came off the curb. A metal basket for who know what, but it fits our books perfectly. And it’s awesome.

Get anything good from the thrift store recently?

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25 Responses to things from the thrift store (and one from the curb)

  1. Beth says:

    That basket is awesome!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love that basket too. And we love the foot book in our house. My son thinks the sick feet wrapped in bandages is hilarious.

  3. Kelly says:

    I love the book caddy thing. I just bought a shit load of fridge magnets for the kids for next to nothing – the awesome part was that they were contained in a vintage gallon size blue Ball jar. Those things are hard to get your hands on, and half the time, when you can find them, they cost a fortune.

    • meg says:

      fancy that I just threw out a shit load of kids’ fridge magnets. But I bet I would buy more if they came in an awesome jar.

  4. Erika says:

    Um, yes but nothing that good!?!! Nice finds, Meg!

  5. teri says:

    no way! oh that is a lucky curbside find!
    I will be posting my thriftstore finds soon too! i so love to spy on what other people can score!

  6. kristin says:

    Awesome blanket! I just remade my bed, today is 20+ degrees warmer than yesterday.

    I bet the basket came from an old chest freezer, referred to by my nana as “The Deep Freeze”. We have several of that shape. AWESOME find.

  7. Emmy says:

    I LOVE that you are reading Flicka, Ricka and Dicka — a memory of my mom and my childhood.

  8. louise says:

    No, I haven’t! But what a funny post for today… around easter I found this huge basket on the curb. Brought it home and it was perfect for easter decorating. Then I’ve had it sitting to take to Goodwill and it’s obviously been in my husband’s way becuase he’s been complaining about it for months. I finally took it to Goodwill this morning, only to get to work to find out a friend was in an accident. Now I need a big basket to make a goody/snack basket for him. I guess I’m going to have to go back to Goodwill and buy it this time! Months it’s been sitting there. The day I give it away is the day I need it! ERgh!! :) Nice finds!

  9. Erin says:

    that is one great basket.

  10. AJ says:

    I love that metal basket! I never have curbside finds, but I have had some awesome thrift finds lately. Speaking of hot ass weather, we’re in Arizona, so summers are perfect for thrifting indoors.

  11. I love how your daughter asked is that where Laura lives.

  12. Suzanne says:

    Wow, you scored big, especially with the basket!

  13. Becky says:

    That basket rules.

    Scored an American Girl Doll Dress for my daughter for $3. She got the doll with the matching dress years ago and as these things go, she outgrew the dress. To find another to fit her now made her unbelievably happy. SCORE!

  14. Awesome. I always love your thrifting posts. I just posted about some of my finds here in Germany and Denmark. They’ve got some way cool stuff in the thrift shops here.

  15. mixette says:

    Score(s) galore! I got an awesome and huge -36″ x 48″ – 70’s crewel woodland scene at my favorite thrift store for $9.99. Our neighborhood’s twice yearly bulky trash pickup is coming up so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next few weeks.

  16. Carla says:

    You find the coolest things on the curb … my neighbors need to start getting rid of good stuff, not just broken bookcases and pleather couches! I did score a super cute mid-century modern coffee table off craigslist recently.

  17. I love every little glimpse we get of your house! So inspiring and so tidy. I climbed an enormous dumpster the other day to rescue an oak table — now the kids craft table. So great. If only they’d left it on the curb!

  18. Holly says:

    I love curbside or alleyway finds. I once found a vintage school desk–the kind with the seat attached to the desk–and I practically ran home to get the car so I could haul that sucker home before anyone else got to it.

  19. Oho yes, and do I ever love that question! We’re a “student” family, and everything we own is a good thrift store find. It seems.


  20. jayne lafleur says:

    I swear I have that same tray! I got it about 25 years ago in Salt Lake City. I don’t think mine is wood, I think that it’s paper mache. It is at my home in Minnesota. I’ll look at it next time I’m there. Great thrifty finds! Jayne

  21. Ellen says:

    That tray and basket are lovely. Well actually all the items (okay maybe not the analog computer). I found some neat thrift store finds recently. Come & see:

  22. Natausha says:

    My husband and I just recently went thrifting for fun the other day and found some excellent mugs. At 50 cents a piece, we found one for almost every family member, each with a matching personality :)

  23. Nicola says:

    Man, I love thrifting. Great scores.

  24. that basket wins, hands down. (semi-related: why am I the only person in my house who likes The Foot Book?) I had an awesome furniture score in May and haven’t been back yet… felt like I must have used up all my thrifting mojo for the next year or so. But now this post has given me “the itch” again.