tenth day of advent

December 10th, 2009


Cookies! My favorite thing about christmas is always the cookies. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t made a single christmas cookie yet, but these chocolate espresso ones are on deck (or in the freezer, whatever) and I have a gingerbread project in the works. In past years I have made (and loved) these fig pinwheels, these amazing spoon cookies, english toffee, gunpowder balls (but everyone has a different name for them), chocolate gingerbread cookies, surprisingly good earl grey tea cookies, prune rugelach (could a cookie sound more geriatric? don’t let that stop you -they are good), these pain in the ass, but so so awesome chestnut cream cookies, and I guess I could just go on and on, but I’m getting hungry. What cookies are you making this year? Feel free to put it off to tomorrow and just sit down and color with your kids today. Download the cookie page here (and buy the whole book here, if you like).

2 Responses to tenth day of advent

  1. mama-pan says:

    you are making me hungry, and I just ate (healthy root vegetables, so there). Thanks so much for these advent drawings!

  2. molly says:

    And here I thought we’d baked up just about every cookie out there! Amazing to see a list, so long, so different. Thanks for the links, and the pics. My 4 y.o. and I just drew up a pictogram of all the cookies baked to date, copied it in multiples, and colored it over and over. What fun. Cheers, Molly