patchwork swap

October 30th, 2007

Isn’t it lovely? This was my little patchwork swap treat from my partner Clara (who has no blog). A little quilted zipper pouch done with some beautiful fabrics. And she sent me a big stack of patchwork squares. Here are just some of my favorite ones (the little black and white drawn vegetable print is fantastic–anyone know where it’s from?).

I sent out my little package today. I made a patchwork needlebook that turned out a little too big, so I hope my partner has lots of needles to store!

And of course she got a big stack of scraps as well. I hope she likes it (I’ll tell you who she is as soon as she gets it).

That’s it I’m afraid. I’m worn out from 2 whiny babies who don’t seem to need sleep.

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5 Responses to patchwork swap

  1. Ali says:

    Love the way you wrapped your scraps.

  2. Monica says:

    oh don’t talk to me about children who don’t sleep anymore… No 3 is refusine his afternoon nap. How terrible is that?

  3. amandajean says:

    pretty scraps! nice packaging.

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