open wide zip pouches

January 14th, 2014

zip pouches on elsie marley


I didn’t do very much sewing at all for Christmas. What you see above is about half of it (the other half is coming up soon!). I made these little bags for my best friend this Christmas.

zip pouches on elsie marley

Her sewing, crafting, and knitting projects are very organized. She has a big basket filled with smaller bags, and in each bag is a little project. So she can grab the whole basket or pick and choose which project she wants to take to school or work or the doctor or any of the million places you end up waiting (for your kids).

zip pouches on elsie marley

I used the open wide zip pouch pattern by Anna from Noodleheads. I don’t often use patterns for bags, but I like the way this little pouch was constructed. I made some of the pouches bigger to accommodate larger projects, especially knitting needles.  Anna has a size chart to make color blocked zip pouches, but I of course didn’t follow that either. My proportions are off because of it. The bags have a big bottom (I cannot lie) and a lot of the fabric ends up there.  zip pouches on elsie marley

It’s too bad, because I like the fabric I did use: bits of a butter soft leather jacket I bought at the thrift store ages ago and lovely little scraps of fabric. Each bag is lined with natural canvas. All and all I think they will hold up nicely and work well for little project bags.

How do you organize your projects?


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9 Responses to open wide zip pouches

  1. Erin says:

    I don’t organize my projects!

  2. Tara says:

    The colors and leather together really works well. I keep telling myself that I’ll make some organizational stuff with my scraps. Empty promises. I organize my crafty crap by letting it all lay out in the open so I can see what I have. Except for the things thrown into boxes and drawers that will likely never see the light of day again.

  3. I made a set of these to keep my crafty stuff organised, but every time I put something in them, I don’t think it’s cool enough and deserving of my pretty pouches, so out it comes! Haha! I love your versions. Using the leather is a great idea!

  4. Karin says:

    lovely. middle child is my favorite. just thinking of doing the same thing after I over dye a thrift store Barney’s giant tote and need something like these as opposed to pockets to keep it all organized. as for organizing the other stuff Elfa-like drawers completely disorganized and overstuffed is where it’s at these days. It’s on the list…

  5. KerryQ says:

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  6. Anna says:

    love this Meg!!! I’ve been oogling them since you posted. And seeing them on pinterest of course. :) super awesome sewing!