oliver + s school bus tee

July 17th, 2014

school bus tee on elsie marley

I am guest posting over at Oliver + S today. Super exciting! I’m talking a little about me, a little about KCW, and a little about sewing. I’ve even got a printable t-shirt design for you!

My daughter drew this great design to go on a t-shirt I made (the Oliver + S School Bus pattern, naturally). She wanted it in pink, but I thought it would look great in white too. I printed both. The pink one turned out perfectly (you can see it on the Oliver + S blog. The white one, well no so much. I guess our printer doesn’t print white. The super chic design you see up there is what happens when you iron a blank iron-on transfer onto your shirt. Oh well.

school bus tee on elsie marley

You know I actually kind of like it? I’m horrible at making mistakes: I don’t want to make them! I put off trying new things because I know I’ll make them. But when mistakes happen, it’s never all that bad. And sometimes they’re even awesome.

But you don’t really want to iron a ghostly nothing on your shirt, so copy, paste, and save this image, then print it out (I used TAP paper, which was super awesome). And voila! You now have a lucky t-shirt!



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9 Responses to oliver + s school bus tee

  1. […] First I made the Oliver + S School Bus T-Shirt. Actually I made two, because it’s such a quick sew! The gray one is for my daughter. It’s got the shorter of the short sleeve options and the thinner neckline. The dark blue one is for my son (you can see how that turned out here). […]

  2. Amy S. says:

    This looks totally cool still like you totally meant to do it. It gives it a very artistic graphics feel to the shirt :).

  3. kristin says:

    it totally looks meant to be! modern art shirt. your kids are looking so grown up, seriously! i guess when we don’t see them very much in between KCWs, they seem to get bigger faster.

    i got some of that TAP but haven’t used it yet – i think i’m scared, too. gotta get over it and have my little ones make some sweet designs for KCW. your daughter is an awesome artist, this design is so cool. :)

    (hey also, if you want to turn his jeans into shorts for summertime, i know of a great tutorial)

    • meg says:

      they are getting too big too fast! I might just need that tutorial…my scissors are hard to figure out :)

  4. Brienne says:

    It is really cool.

  5. Karin says:

    I love both the mistake and the intended. Thanks for sharing!

  6. […] liked how the color popped on the gray shirt I made for my daughter, so I made another for my son. I changed the colors up on the graphic and […]

  7. It’s a great t-shirt and the image is obviously the ghost of a wombat. (didn’t you see that straight away?!)

  8. mrs robinson says:

    A rather stylish mistake! Now those sorts of mistakes are fine…