new bags

February 12th, 2010

I put some new kiddy messenger bags in my etsy shop today. I am working on a pattern for this bag, but since this third baby came a long things seem to be taking three times as long, so you’ll just have to be patient. My daughter started insisting none of her drawings be folded, which they have to be in order to fit in her bag, so she’s asked (demanded really) a new, bigger back pack. I might just have to draw up another pattern while I’m in the pattern making mood.

I also put a couple new toy bags in the shop: one little people bag and one with a new car design.  And while I was working in my studio I found a lonely little bear in a pile of fabric waiting to be loved. Her name is Lucy and she’s made from a vintage sheet and cashmere and stuffed with wool, so she’s soft and super huggable.

If you are here from design*sponge, welcome! Take some time and have a look around.  I hope you all have a good valentine’s day weekend! See you next week.

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6 Responses to new bags

  1. nath says:

    hey Meg!

    hello! i just saw some of your photos on Flickr and thought DAMN, i haven’t read your blog in ages, which is weird cos i subscribe and all that. so i have just been spending a little while catching up and feeling somewhat overawed by your super-creativeness. love the bags, the bathroom, the valentines hoedown and all your nice things on the web posts. lovely. *wails, gnashes teeth* *feels more ennui*

    see you soon,

    Nath X

  2. Beth says:

    your little messenger bags are just too cute! I bet the little messenger bags would be great for library trips too! :)

  3. Sam says:

    I would love to buy the pattern for the kids bags. They are awesome! Can’t wait.

  4. juniper says:

    Great Bags Meg, love the new messenger bag fabric!

  5. victoria says:

    I love that – a demand for a bigger bag do drawings can stay flat. Congrats on being on Design Sponge!!

  6. trula says:

    Me too. Perfect reasoning and perfect bags. Meg I can so understand what you are saying about everything taking so much longer, how do you manage with 3?