learning to sew and french macarons

April 21st, 2010


Soozs had a fantastic post last week about learning to sew. Among other things, she talks about how frustrating it is, but how with every mistake you make you are learning how to do something and how not to do something.  I remember screaming at the sewing machine when I first learned how to sew and there are still moments when I find myself swearing at the machine, or the fabric, or myself. Learning anything is frustrating as hell (just ask my 4 year old) but I think sewing has taught me to be patient with myself. So yesterday, when I was trying to make french macarons and failing miserably I went back to her post and read it again.


I used to make these cookies a lot when I worked in a bakery, but I had a professional oven and vats of ingredients and a huuuge dishwasher at my disposal.  I have none of that here.  My oven is very old and very crappy. These cookies are ridiculously delicate and difficult to make–they even have their own verb in french that describes the way you mix the batter.  So my day was spent failing (and eating my failures–sugar high! sugar high!).  But thanks to Soozs’ pep talk, I ended up with a few good batches.


And after a few more failures I now have a lovely platter of french macarons to take to a baby shower tonight.


Do go over to Soozs’ blog and read her post on learning to sew, even if you learned a long time ago.  And if you’ve joined the Kid Clothes Challenge (and yay there are so many of you already!) or are thinking about it jump over to this post about sewing for your kids on Indietutes because it’s pretty good too.  Now I’m going to see if there are any failures for me to snack on.

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22 Responses to learning to sew and french macarons

  1. Sarah says:

    That sewing post is really great. And a reminder I really need right now, because I feel like sewing has been feeling overly difficult lately.

    Kudos to you for sticking with it on the macaron front. They look divine! I gave macarons a try sometime more than a year ago, but the first batch didn’t at all work out and I immediately gave up. Lame. But maybe this will inspire me to give macarons another go!

  2. mon ami says:

    Holy wow I am so impressed! I love to bake but I am way too intimidated by the macaron. I’ll just drool over yours instead.

    Thanks for the links, I ‘m looking forward to checking them out


  3. Thanks for the couple of great links. It reminds me of about 5 years ago, when I completely stuffed up the lining of a top (that was way to difficult for my skills!), and stopped sewing for several years. I’ve still got all the pieces and will one day fix it up. I’m glad I’ve got back into it now.

    Your macarons look great. I loved these when I lived in Paris, and would love to make them properly (although my dodgy efforts still taste pretty good!).

  4. CitricSugar says:

    I have a weakness for macaroons….. Sigh.

  5. whitney says:

    i don’t even like macaroons, but i feel like i would like these if i tasted one. these look so delicious and beautiful!

  6. dorie says:

    when I saw the last photo, I literally gasped. Just amazing.

  7. Katie says:

    I agree with Dorie. Those are the most beautiful cookies (if that term doesn’t degrade the macaron) that I have ever seen! Bravo!

  8. britt says:

    i just stumbled across soozs blog the other day. she has some great things going on and gives good advice!

  9. Marlena says:

    As an eater of each macaron flavor, I can attest that these were off the charts. Simply amazing. A+. World class.

  10. These look wonderful! I have to say, I have never had a macaroon and now I officially feel deprived.

  11. cathiehong says:

    this is on my list of things to accomplish in life — i hear macarons are so hard! your final products look fantastic though. two thumbs up to you for persevering through your failures (i would have happily eaten them for you too.)

  12. Ann says:

    WOW, Meg those cookies look delicious. fab job. got a recipe?

  13. i love to bake and i’m wanting to try to make some. could you suggest a recipe? i almost purchased I Love Macarons last week –

  14. Steph says:

    I can totally relate to the swearing but it’s mostly because I am notorious for stabbing myself with pins as I’m sewing. OMG I get so mad and swear so loud! I don’t have an anger management problem; really I don’t. :)

  15. Claudia says:

    Wow wow wow, they look so wonderful…all of them! I love macarons and for me, homemade macarons, even if they are not 100% perfect, taste much better than the one that you get at the store. You rock :)

  16. Lee says:

    I am truly ashamed to admit that I have never tried making these. People tell me all the time about things they are afraid of trying to bake-well this is my one thing!

  17. Jennifer says:

    I find myself swearing at the fact that I don’t have any time to sew! It’s torture!

  18. heather says:

    I’m impressed they look beautiful. I would’nt want to eat them but keep them out as decor. great job.

  19. molly says:

    okay, so i’ve been putting off learning to sew for a while, now. like, oh, thirty years? my mom’s a crackerjack seamstress, see (as in, award-winning), and i have no patience, and well, gah! so i’m going to tiptoe over, and read that piece. once i get the courage. but i just wanted to say, this connection helps. because i bake cookies by the yard, no sweat. they fail, sure, sometimes, but heck, who cares? try again, bootstraps, all that jazz. i guess i need to tote that attitude right over to my 1964 bernina (a gift from my mum). soon as i gussy up the guts.

  20. Clo says:

    Wahou! très réussi!

  21. Leah says:

    That is the most gorgeous array of macaroons I have ever seen.