leaf crown

November 8th, 2009

Well after that last post I went for a little walk to gather leaves. There was one lonely tree left with leaves on it, but they were huge and yellow and perfect. The boy and I snipped off their stems and folded them a bit, then I sewed them together one by one with a simple whip stitch. He picked yellow thread to match the leaves, so you can’t see it. But I have plans to stitch something on them in blue. This was such a simple and beautiful project. I think making these will be part of our fall for years to come.

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15 Responses to leaf crown

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s beautiful, what a great job!

  2. Jenny says:

    Aww, this is amazing!! :)

  3. Caroline says:

    Now you just need a homemade whopper.

  4. CitricSugar says:


    PS – yours is even better than the internet inspiration.

  5. Antoinette says:

    Fabulosity. We might have to try this tomorrow!

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  7. Anne Marie says:

    What a wonderful idea. Love this. Such a fun project to do together with kids.

  8. Beth says:

    What a great project. The leaves a glowing in that photo – so cool.

  9. oh my goodness, wow. You really get stuff done!!

  10. c says:

    such a lovely idea. sewing + leaves…who would have thought.

  11. mama-pan says:

    really, really nice–you rock.

  12. I linked to this on my weekly link roundup, the post is under my name. What a great idea – something fun to enjoy!

  13. Heather says:

    I am doing this with my kiddos TODAY! It’s brilliant and they will love it. Thanks.

  14. I love this so much, I added it to stumbleupon :D

  15. Andrea says:

    ooo lovely! I can see this being made with fake leaves from the craft store too. great idea