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July 8th, 2013

kiwi crate review

Kiwi Crate contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I’d like to review one of their crates. How could I say no? Kiwi Crate is a company that delivers a box full of crafts to your door! Could there anything better than that? My kids were so excited when the little green box arrived, I couldn’t even get a photo before they started tearing into it!

kiwi crate

Each box contains the makings for two projects and some extra treats as well. We received the Nature Explorer crate, which is part of their Summer Discovery Series.  The crate had the makings for a nature box and a lantern. In addition to all the supplies for those two crafts, there was also a deck of cards, little kiwi birds to cut out and color, and a lovely little book about constellations.

kiwi crate

I have three kids and there is only one of each project. You might be thinking we just got a big fight delivered in the mail, but not to worry Kiwi Crate has thought of everything! They have an option to tack on extra supplies for each sibling, which not only makes for less fighting but more fun in the end.

kiwi crate

I decided to see how my kids would do with just one. And they did great! Even though projects are simple, there are lots of different parts. So everyone gets a turn doing bit of the project. My kids picked the nature box to work on first. They put the box together, colored the stickers, and decorated the outside of the box.

kiwi crate

Then they added one of the many different scavenger hunt boards to go in the bottom of the box. The one above is a for color scavenger hunt, but there is one for shapes and one for actual things (leaf, twig, etc) too. Best of all, there is a blank one to make up your own scavenger hunt.  Every project in the Kiwi Crate has an activity that goes along with it. Not only do you get to spend a lovely morning with your kids making things, but then they can go off and play a game for the rest of the afternoon! I wasn’t kidding when I said they thought of everything!

kiwi crate

After a few backyard scavenger hunts, the lantern making project was up next. This kit came with a super fun (and very sturdy) star punch and my three year old went crazy for it! Many loud karate chops later we had a table full of colorful stars. And not too long after a working lantern!

kiwi crate

The activity suggested for the lantern was to build a dark fort and take it inside. My children ran upstairs, intent on making the darkest fort in the world! There they created not only a fort, but a whole world.

Kiwi Crate makes projects that are simple and beautiful, spark the imagination, inspire you to learn and play and make more! Not only that, but they are delivered right to you door. I knew I was going to like getting a project kit in the mail, but I didn’t expect such a thoughtfully designed experience to be waiting for me and my children.


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6 Responses to kiwi crate

  1. Jenny says:

    That lantern is great! We have loved Kiwi Crate. It’s so much fun for the kids to get their Crates in the mail. So glad you all got a chance to work with them!

  2. darci says:

    We have this box too. My kids loved it and really enjoy their lanterns

  3. Karin says:

    Preschool in a box delivered to the door! That would’ve been perfect for the summer! Both ideas are awesome; I am stealing them. Of course I don’t have a star punch, but circles will do. Thanks for posting!

  4. celeste says:

    ooh, i love practically anything that comes in a kit. so fun!

  5. My daughter would love this! She’s always really bummed when we get packages that AREN’T for her, haha. “But where’s MINE?”

    The fact that your kids were able to share such awesome stuff definitely means you’re doing something well as a parent! Kudos. :)

  6. ella says:

    serious? this is an idea i had about 7 years ago…in a Waldorf crafty style. this looks really fun!