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October 6th, 2009

If you have kids and don’t know about kids craft weekly, well you should.  I’ve subscribed to their newsletter for quite some time, but I’m embarrassed to say this is the first project we’ve ever done from it.  When we do art my kids are pretty happy with the process and not too interested in the result, but recently that’s changed.  These two projects are both from the 5 minute craft issue. And really with a 2.5 and 4 year old all crafts should be 5 minute crafts. The owls were a great for learning to cut more precisely (for the 4 year old) and to work on getting better with the scissors (for the 2.5 year old). The bean project was awesome (draw something with glue and have the kids put beans on the glue–easy peasy) and my daughter has requested we do it everyday since. They started off just doing letters, but wanted to pictures as well: pumpkins and beans (ha!) and smile faces (as they call them).

I think that is actually my owl. If you want to see the boy’s owl (grandma) it’s here.

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10 Responses to kids craft weekly

  1. magsmcc says:

    I’m subscribing right now- they never tire of the rainbow race game from but I don’t think the dining room light has space for many more spinning suspensions!

  2. juniper says:

    Oh these look like perfect rainy day art project moments, think that bean one is going to go down very well with my lot. Perhaps the owl as well (if you haven’t read the story The Owl Babies I recommend it ) (a recent favourite with our 3) the expressions of the owls are pretty cute. Thank you!

  3. Kim says:

    You are so on my wavelength! I’ve recently blogged about Kids Craft Weekly too – so many great ideas on there. My 3 year old and I did the seasonal collage (again from the 5 min craft issue) – so easy and effective, and some bean glueing! Really want to try the owls next – they look fab.

  4. Caroline says:

    Who did the drawing hanging on the wall? It looks like you as a kid. I swear!

  5. Melissa says:

    I haven’t checked Kids’ Craft Weekly in ages! I love the glue and bean idea. I still feel like my kids are too young to do a lot of really amazing art projects I see out there, but I’m pretty sure they could handle putting beans on a glue picture! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Rach says:

    We love kids craft weekly. Every few days Minnie says ‘lets do some ‘kids craft weekly. Come on Mummy.’ So yes, we do quite a few projects. Its a great little newsletter and Australian too!

  7. meg says:

    The drawing is of my daughter. A very talented friend of ours (the illustrious Ida Pearle) sketched it when she visited a long time ago.

  8. Holly Keller says:

    Thanks for the idea, Meg. I am joining as we speak/write/comment/whatever. Also, these 5 minutes craft ideas are perfect for the very limited attention and continual motion of my 5 year old.

  9. Dacia says:

    cuteness! i love owls!

  10. Mary Ann says:

    That’s so funny … the owl was our very first project from kids craft weekly as well! I love the emails but never seemed to get around to making anything! My son is 2.5 as well and he loved the project!