kids clothes week challenge: day 3

May 12th, 2010

I was able to sneak downstairs yesterday and make these polka dot leggings for my daughter. Holy crap that serger is fast. Once I get going I get a little serger happy, weeeeeeee!  Of course then I make a mistake and those seams are a bear to rip out, so  I have to serger more to fix the problem and as my grandfather would say, “I cut it and I cut it and it’s still too short.”  All that is to say the waistband is a little janky.  The pattern is from the Nani Iro book that came out a few years ago.  Between the leg and the cuff of the pants the pattern also had a floobidiboo, but I couldn’t figure out the directions and it wasn’t all that fantastic, so I skipped it.

The top I made from this peasant top tutorial. I snagged some of that Heather Ross Far Far Away unicorn print when it was flying off the shelves (but oh! have you seen her new designs?).  And I’m so glad that I did because I’ve never worked with double gauze before and it is a whole helluva lot nicer than quilting cotton. It’s light and soft and hangs nicely–perfect for summer.  Thankfully the pants and the shirt are a hit even though they are not pink (thankfully).

17 Responses to kids clothes week challenge: day 3

  1. karen says:

    I really really love that top. I’d probably wear it myself. I need to get my hands on the new Heather Ross stuff so that way I feel less hopelessly jealous when I see projects like this.

  2. imene says:

    I love the top and the fabric is so cute. Hey Meg did you check out My Sewing Circle ( It’s like ravelry but for sewing. We could create a kids clothes challenge group. What do you think?

  3. LOVE them!!! And those pants. Awesome!!!

    And thanks for the inspiration… my daughter asked me if it was her birthday. She couldn’t believe all the cool things she’s been getting this week. LOL.

  4. pamela says:

    the top is adorable!! and you can’t get enough leggings…. i’m going to have to beg someone for a serger!

    i need to catch up tonight!

  5. LOL, I can totally relate to the “not pink” part. They look great! And yes, tearing out a seam with the serger is torture. I just cute it off… In fact, I did a bunch of that just yesterday…

  6. Love the unicorn print!

  7. kellie says:

    Great work. I love that unicorn print. I hae two boys, wish leggings were an option in their wardrobe, so much fun.

  8. Love it! I haven’t touched my far far away fabric yet b/c I am afraid of sewing with that weight. eeek!
    Here’smy challenge:

  9. Antoinette says:

    I love that print! What a cute top. I try not to wear quilting-weight cotton, ever, because I don’t like the way it drapes, feels to wear, etc. But the angry owl fabric from Alexander Henry gives me pause….

  10. Islay says:

    Lovely! It’s nice to see that heather ross print used in top that isn’t completely over-the-top girly.

  11. Anna says:

    it’s all so so cute! I love the top, and my girls live in leggings. I don’t know if I’m going to make any kids clothes this week, seems like stuff just keeps piling up around here. :(

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one blogging that serger = seam ripper this week. I’m hoping to go one day at least without using it, but 3 days down, 3 days of seam ripping serged hems. Grrr!

    Love the outfit – cute and girly without being too cute and girly, Perfect!

  13. That top is on my list to make! My seam ripper is probably my most used sewing tool. lol

    Who doesn’t love unicorns? Precious.

  14. Beth says:

    both are so cute! even if your leggings dont have the ‘floobeedeboo’- :)

  15. bec says:

    I just got some of the unicorn print myself, 1 metre, not sure who to make something for- myself or Miss 6! It’s beautiful, and leggings are fun, aren’t they?

  16. Marina says:

    Beautiful Meg. The top and pants are pretty and also look both comfortable and fun.

  17. Hashi says:

    Is that polka dot stretch from Joann? I saw some like it on the shelves there, and was mighty attracted. But, as I didn’t have a specific use in mind, I was ‘good’ and didn’t buy it. Love what you’ve done with it!