kcwc fall 2012: day seven

October 14th, 2012

kids clothes week challenge day seven

1. envelope shirt 2. fox skirt 3. spring stripes 4. grey merino hoodie

Here it is, the last day of kids clothes week! Did you get frustrated and yell at your machine? Did you make some awesome clothes anyway? Did you think of a bunch of new things you want to make? Do you still have a bunch of things cut out and waiting for you on your ironing board? Or am I the only one answering yes to all these questions? I hope you had a good time this fall (or spring, for you southern hemisphere-ers). I will be back this week with a big kcwc wrap up. I leave you with some simple pajamas and my kids being ridiculous.

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the pattern: the same one from Happy Homemade vol 2 that I always use. It’s pretty much been that pattern and the flashback tee all week! Shesh, maybe I need to branch out a bit.

bunny pajamas

the fabric: this beautiful bunny and moon fabric I fell in love with when I saw it here.

bunny pajamas

the sewing: Can you tell the bunnies are upside down on the pajamas on the right? Argh!! Oh well, he doesn’t mind in the least. I do have blue knit shirts cut out to go with these, but my serger and I had a little falling out and we’re not talking to each other.

Happy kcwc!

19 Responses to kcwc fall 2012: day seven

  1. kristin says:

    mmmm…comfy knits and comfy jammies. i actually like that one of the pj pants came out upside down, gives them a nice little variation from the other. Woohoo, what a fun KCWC!

  2. Nele says:

    Jihaa! You found the fabric too! Wish I bought more of it, I would wear is too.

  3. counterpane says:

    Great pants + I just ordered this exact fabric last week! I think our fabric brains may overlap a bit (like a venn diagram).
    Thanks for hosting KCWC – it gave me a great kick in the pants to start and finish so many projects this week!

  4. Cherie says:

    Gahh, I would LOVE those pajamas for me! I think the upside down print is great for the kid cuz it’ll look right side up when he looks down at them!! It’s been such a fun week – thank you so much for hosting this, Meg.

  5. Venus says:

    OH my… the fox skirt is too cute! I saw your bunny fabric in grey and after seeing your PJs, I have to buy it now. Geez… like I need more fabric… ;)

  6. Jenny says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my little hoodie!

    I have really enjoyed this KCWC and can’t wait for the next!

  7. […] last three days of kcwc moved more slowly, sewing-wise, than the first four did.  I guess I work like that.  the sprint […]

  8. Jamie Lee says:

    Oh I love those pajama pants! I just bought the same fabric and also the brown colorway to make my daughters dresses. It hasn’t arrived it the mail yet but is supposed to tomorrow!

  9. rachel says:

    love this fabric. so cute! the kcwc was the best! i’m tired but it was lots of fun. i just have to hem one dress and i am d o n e. woot!

  10. Heidi R says:

    You found the bunny fabric!!!! Ahhhhh I just saw some jammy pants like these on Pinterest and was thinking bout it!!! :) great stuff.

  11. Chrissy says:

    I think this has been my most productive KCWC yet! Didn’t get any pics of my last couple days, but I have a mostly finished itty bitty dress sitting on my table right now. BTW, love the bunny and moon fabric and thanks so much for hosting another great week of kids clothes sewing!

  12. Alyssa says:

    yes, yes, and yes! Thanks for hosting KCWC. It helped motivate me to sew (and blog) as much as I could – which, with a toddler and an 8 month old, wasn’t as much as I’d like, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I loved the inspiration of seeing everyone’s completed projects – I am left with ideas brimming in my mind and a stack of new fabric waiting to be transformed. I look forward to next time, when I hope to have a bit more time and be a bit more prepared/organized.

  13. Anneliese says:

    I actually sewed every single day! And I have seven things to show for it. But I do feel a teensy bit insane! :-) And I have a stack of fabric and some patterns strewn and intentions of sewing some more. But maybe not quite at this breakneck speed. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. It feels great to have a heap of things checked off my list, because it means, more things…

  14. Anna says:

    I had a great KCWC. I’ve summarised my thoughts at the bottom of this post – http://bloglessanna.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/kcwc-birthday-bloomers/ Thanks for hosting.

  15. Ani says:

    I love that you host this – I has life get in the way, as per usual, but ended up sewing all weekend and have decided to continue on for a few days to knock my list out. I also found that pinterest was both wonderful and awful – I wanted to make EVERYTHING and had a terrible time choosing :p

  16. Sarah Ross says:

    I am so in love with that fabric!

    Thanks for hosting another great KCWC! I love that it pushes me to make stuff without being pushy, you know? I need the nudge, but it’s pretty guilt-free, which I also need. And I am so inspired by all the awesome stuff being made, I think (hope) it’ll help me keep up the sewing momentum for quite a while!

  17. tanpopo says:

    Thanks to this KCWC, I finally sew a new dress for my little one. I hadn’t had much time lately and this challenge put me back on track ! I’m ready to make a whole new wardrobe for her !
    Thanks again ! ^_^

  18. molly says:

    oh dear lord, those BUNNIES!! i clicked thru, but my german just ain’t what it oughta be… source?

    thanks, meg, for the kick in the pants (isn’t this what KCWC stands for, after all? KiCk in the pants WeeC?) we knocked through 6 pairs of pants. maybe 8. plus some p.j.’s. plus one bang-up, absoultely darling smock in luscious liberty. that doesn’t fit, and won’t for, like, 4 years. but oh well. the journey was fine…


  19. KC says:

    I certainly answered yes to all the questions! I cut out three more patterns on the last day. But I got hung up with the fabric choices. Here’s a link to my wrap up post: http://kathrynpagano.com/2012/10/15/kcwc-the-final-result/

    I must say I was was hugely inspired to take my children’s clothing to the next level. The entries in the flickr group were really stunning!