happy thanksgiving

November 24th, 2008

I have zero thanksgiving decorations, so I came up with this little project. It doesn’t really need any explanation, just push some cloves into some clementines and spell a word.  You could get all fancy with fonts and it might be good to sketch the letters on first. I just did it freehand (and I’m sure you can tell). Clementines have a thinner skin than oranges so it makes pushing the cloves in much easier. This is a great project for kids and a good spelling lesson to boot. My daughter is really into letters right now and  it went over big. I didn’t dry them so they won’t keep, but they still smell pretty. Now we just have to make some hand turkeys and we’re set!

12 Responses to happy thanksgiving

  1. jessica says:

    I hardly have any Thanksgiving decorations either. Just some fallish table runners and such. I love that clementine and clove idea…your mantle must smell so wonderful!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Buck just told me about your blog…it’s wonderful! H absolutely loves the two elephants that you made (and luckily they have been spared by the dog). I’m hoping some of your craftiness will rub off on me via cyberspace. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. gardenymph says:

    Gorgeous photo! Great idea too! :~)

  4. Maria Rose says:

    Great idea. The photo is really quite beautiful too.

  5. Ali says:

    How lovely – and a Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. Petra says:

    How very pretty! Unfortunately we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but I think we should!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love that it’s a spelling (and smelling) lesson too! We’re all about spelling these days… we’ll definately be trying this. Thanks!

  8. kristin says:

    love this!! happy thanksgiving to you too!!

  9. mayaluna says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I saw this on flickr and LOVED it. I like that you did it freehand… beautiful idea. The photo is stunning.

  10. Hehehehe………That’s cute. jan

  11. Madli says:

    Nice blog you have and so many nice things that you make!

  12. Rebecka says:

    What a great idea! Works well for Christmas too!