guest post by nele from spiegel stiksels

October 4th, 2012

nele from spielgel stiksels

Nele’s work caught my eye in last spring’s kcwc and I’ve been following her blog, Spiegel Stiksel, ever since. She lives in Belgium where she makes beautifully tailored clothes for her kids. Her fabric choices always blow me away! She has a real eye for color and pattern. And today is no exception. Nele took the Kid Pant pattern and changed it up with just a bit of elastic–and some super amazing circus print fabric!

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Hello everybody! How exciting to be guest posting here!

When Meg asked me to make something from the MADE kid pants pattern, I knew immediately
what I was going to do. I’ve used this pattern before for my youngest girl.

My girl started circus school last week and needed new pants for her classes. So I got to work and
made here real circus pants. The fabric I used is from Kokka and I bought it at Vermiljoenshop last year.

Since my girl has grown since the last time I used the pattern I had to adapt it a little. So I cut the
pattern into pieces and added some extra width and length.

I also lined the pants with a black and grey striped jersey fabric for extra softness and coziness. I put
an elastic between the two layers at the ankles.

The pants are actually completely reversible. I ended up cutting and sewing a separate waist band.

Thanks for having me, Meg. I’m looking forward to sewing along next week and getting inspired.
Happy KCWC everyone!

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 Thank you, Nele!


15 Responses to guest post by nele from spiegel stiksels

  1. Valeria says:

    This whole kid pants series is bein a great inspiration. I don’t have any time, but maybe I’ll try to give it a go…. will have to find a moment…. Thanks

  2. katie says:

    cute, cute pants! I love the gathered ankles for a girl – I would have never thought of that

  3. anna says:

    those are so awesome! and they look super comfy. cute cute!

  4. mandie says:

    that fabric is great! What a fun adaptation!!

  5. Jo says:

    Agree it’s a really inspiring series! I bet there are loads of us who started sewing trousers from this pattern (yep, me too!) and it’s great to realise just how adaptable it is. I’m in Belgium with a daughter doing circus classes, too, and I think I’m totally going to have to copy this one!

  6. Sandra says:

    These pants are amazing! Love the fabric!

  7. Jessica says:

    I want a pair for me! That fabric is fantastic. And why don’t we have circus school for kids in the US? Do we? My kid needs that.

  8. Wow these are awesome! Great job~!

  9. kristin says:

    Eek these are so great!!! So fun and they look super comfy, too. And ditto – we need clown school in the US!! Both my kids would have a blast in that I think. :)

  10. gail says:

    these are so much fun! i bet that jersey lining is so comfy. and yes – we are totally missing out on circus school over here!

  11. Ledys says:

    Love these! The fabric is so fun, and I love how different and cute they look with the elastic at the bottom. Beautiful!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I love this! The fabric is fantastic, and the lining makes them so cozy! I have often wondered about how to upsize this pattern. I am relatively new to sewing and I’m too averse to making mistakes with nice fabric. I love the simple solution. Thanks!

  13. Amanda says:

    The way you up-sized the pattern is brilliant! I love the pants you made with it!

  14. Wow these pants are stunning, thank you.

  15. Corrine says:

    I LOVE this outfit ~ It is PRECIOUS!
    I am on the hunt for black and grey striped jersey fabric just like what you used for the lining the adorable pants. May I ask where you found it?
    Thank you!