drew beckmeyer

August 21st, 2008

I was lucky enough to score this Drew Beckmeyer print from Tiny Showcase. Tiny Showcase, if you don’t know, is (in their own words) “user-submitted, limited-run, amazingly high-quality and archival artwork.” Basically little, affordable art. I didn’t know I loved Drew Beckmeyer’s work until I found it there, but I do.  The scenes he paints are usually fantastical and the colors he uses are stunning and so perfectly modern. I know that graphic design type art is really popular (and affordable as well), but it’s never appealed to me. Not because I don’t love graphic designers, because I do, and not because it’s not beautiful, because it is. Painting just seems to have more warmth, more depth.  But there is no accounting for taste.  I’ve wanted to buy art for our home for a while now. We only have a little, but the art we do have was made by people we know personally and I liked that a lot.  Our friends have become so talented that now we can no longer afford their work (long ago I bought a painting with a 6-pack).  But good for them! and good for me now too, because I have this tiny piece on my wall.

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2 Responses to drew beckmeyer

  1. It's Lily says:

    It’s like a dream. I find myself trying to analyze what I see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ellie says:

    I am very selective about chain-posts. . .you know, I tagged you, etc. But this past week, when I really needed it, I got an unexpected pat on the back from another blogger. I always read your posts (ever since you sewed some Amy Butler pajama bottoms)and love your style/blog. So I decided to pass the pat-on-the-back on to some other gals that make blogging worth it for me. . .a little virtual award over at http://www.ellierichellie.blogspot.com. Thanks!!