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May 3rd, 2010

inspiring girly details:

1. doily detail, 2. patchwork pocket, 3. Bunny Love Reversible Jumper, 4. all season skirt [ pocket detail ], 5. Reversible Kindergarten Pinafore, 6. cherry jumper, 7. The Reversible Teacup Shift Dress, 8. Ruffle Sleeve Top Detail, 9. Vintage Curtain Cami

My next little montage was going to be about baby clothes, but there were a couple comments about how boy’s clothes are kind of boring to sew and no clothes there for boys are any fun. I think this is a ridiculous stereotype about sewing for boys that needs to be dispelled. Most pants and skirts are just two pieces of fabric sewn together. So see, sewing for girls can be just as lame as sewing for boys can be. It’s the fabric you choose–a fine linen or a super tacky polyester, a bright print or a subdued solid–and the elements you choose to include in the design–a secret pocket, some piping, an embroidered design–that make the clothes interesting and fun to sew whether it’s for a boy or a girl. Just because I can slap a ruffle on it, doesn’t make it better.

inspiring boyish details:

1. Sailor shorts in the shop!, 2. Monkey Birthday Shirt, 3. Yoga pant for my son, 4. boy’s pants, 5. knee pads, 6. cuff and trim detail, 7. Detail of G’s Easter pants, 8. tigertophalf, 9. Kaarna pants, back pockets & topstitching

At first when I was learning to sew, it was just about making a pair of pants or a skirt and have them turn out, but now I try to think about the aesthetic of the clothes I want to make and the details that would work and the ones my kids would like.  One problem a lot of us have with store bought clothes is that they insist on putting monsters or princesses or licenced characters on flipping everything which then my kids see and of course want.  I tend to favor simpler clothing, but I don’t want it to be plain plain and I want my kids to like it. So if I add some rainbow piping (I love piping) or big red buttons or embroider a picture they drew then I’ve made something I like, and that I enjoyed making, and my kids like the clothes and wear them!

tutorials for garment details:

1. pleated pocket tutorial 2. knee pad pants 3. freehand embroidered T-shirts 4. flowered collar tutorial 5. how to insert piping 6. in seam pockets 7. how to make a pleated collar 8. how to sew even topstitching 9. add a ruffled shoulder strap

Okay, I will stop blathering on. I think it’s enough to say it’s the details that make the clothes (even if the clothes don’t make the man, or kid).  These are just a few tutorials out there for some elements you can add to any clothes you make. I think kids love pockets on their clothes and there are a million ways to do a pocket. If you know of any good tutorials for clothing details be sure to link to them in the comments! thanks!

12 Responses to details tutorials and inspiration

  1. erin says:

    i agree with you that the details always make the garment.

    as an aside, i don’t seem to find many tutorials for clothes bigger than a size 6. so i’d say sewing for older kids seems to be harder than for younger kids.

  2. Karin says:

    Yesterday my 22 month old boy wore the jeans I made him from dad’s jeans. We discovered that pockets on the bum were not enough. He needs one handy on the side of his pants. We’re sewing one on today. It’s all about testing it out with them, which makes it even more fun. Great post; you rock!

  3. Islay says:

    Thanks so much for the continued inspiration. I find I’m actually looking forward to making my son some clothes, instead of dreading it!

  4. mon ami says:

    This has got me even more excited! Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos and tutorials. And I totally agree – it is all in the details.

  5. trula says:

    Thank you for the great selection of photos and ideas. In preparation for your challenge I am working on a pattern for kids harem pants. They are really easy to sew and unisex and over here everyone is wearing them. Do you see them around a lot as well?

  6. shisomama says:

    I’m getting really excited! It’s been really fun daydreaming about what I’d like to make for my kids. And it’s been a good excuse to go and buy a little fabric, which is always good.

  7. erika says:

    I’m loving all these details….I cannot wait to start!!

  8. Charis says:

    Gorgeous pics… one of these days I’ll get a sewing machine :)

  9. Kajsa says:

    Lovely inspiration! It’s been a long time since I made clothes for my kids…

  10. thanks so much for these round-ups. Those boy details are just amazing–so understated but so beautiful. [side note: I just left this comment at another site, by accident–this is what I get for trying to multitask with browser tabs. super embarrasing; now all the photo people are going to be wondering what “boy details” I saw in their work. ahem.]

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  12. Mme Zsazsa says:

    Oh yes boys clothes can be really funny and special, a few weeks a ago I made these pants, a bit more unique than the pants you buy in a store.