advent activities: week one

December 6th, 2013

advent activities: week one

Every year we have an advent calendar–this string of lights advent calendar (that you could make too). Each day is filled with some sort of christmas-y activity. It’s super fun–for the kids–but it also can be a lot of work–for the mom. I was about to skip it this year and just get the chocolate advent calendars when my littlest said in the most adorable voice, “Remember that funny thing that had papers in it and told us what to do? That was the best.” Up went the advent calendar.

Do you do an advent activity calendar? If you have any good christmasy projects, please leave them in the comments! I’m always looking for new things to do. Here are our activities for the first week of advent.

advent activities: week one

DAY 1: go to the movies.

Okay, we took it easy the first day. Plus our kids wanted to see Frozen and it was a good day for a movie.

advent activities on elsie marley

DAY 2: print out paper toys and make your mother glue them together

advent activities on elsie marley

That’s not actually what it said to do, but that is what it turned into. This paper Santa was a lot harder than I anticipated and it seems paper craft is not my forte. They are so stinking cute though, it’s hard not to want to make them. I found these printable paper toys on pinterest, where else? After all the fussy cutting and folding and gluing, I really like these little guys and they are surprisingly sturdy.

advent activities on elsie marley

DAY 3: take christmas photo

Taking the annual christmas photo is my annual christmas nightmare. There were at least a hundred shots like the one above and then Hallelujah! one decent one.

advent activities on elsie marley

DAY 4: decorate the tree

I like em naked, maybe with a few lights. The kids have a much different idea of a christmas tree. More! More! More!

advent activities on elsie marley

DAY 5: put shoes out for St. Nick

The shoes were left out last night and the kids woke up to oranges and chocolate coins and new slippers. Advent is more work, but it is magical too. Now what to do for day 6….


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11 Responses to advent activities: week one

  1. Karin says:

    Ok, made the mistake of looking at this with the 3 year old and now am about to cut out that little Santa. And the 3 year-old is Jewish. Love your ideas, again. Happy advent!

    • meg says:

      ha! good luck! I glued Santa’s arm to my arm once and to the table a few time. Really, good luck.

  2. kate says:

    great ideas! I love those little printables. and the shoes lined up in a row, great photo!

  3. angela says:

    I hear you on how much work this can be! Our lineup so far has been reading Christmas books (Toot and Puddle, and Jan Brett’s Three Snow Bears), going out for a walk to collect wreath-making materials (my daughter enjoyed sitting on the evergreen boughs in the sled and getting pulled around), playing with gingerbread playdough, and a chocolate coin (when I didn’t have anything else organized). This weekend we’re going to make potato-print Christmas cards, and attempt to go see the pantomime at the theatre (last year we made it through 15 minutes – hopefully we can top it this year!).

  4. Vida says:

    Love your blog. Our activities for this year: going to watch the lights in the town; making the cards and putting the stamps on them and mailing them; making the christmas presents for relatives (actually wrapping them as we are making the presents throuhgout the year); baking cookies; putting the spring bulbs (hyacint or tulips) into the soil in the garden; sowing the wheat into the soil in the pots to get green around christmas time; going sledding/skiing/skating; drinking hot chocolate; going to the theatre; preparing the christmas tree, nativity scene and presents for Santa.

  5. Kari says:

    Ha! I had to laugh about mommy doing the work. I have a 5, 4 & almost 2 year old and “we” made pinecone bird feeders–the kind with the peanut butter & birdseed. Baby upset the birdseed all over the table and floor–he loved watching it fly around by the force of his hands, followed by smearing peanut butter in his hair while the other two danced around…and mommy did artwork. Lol! I wished I’d gotten pics but I had peanut butter all over my fingers. I’m definitely re-thinking the remainder of the month just to allow for enough time/energy that it might be me flying “solo” on these activities!

    We also have on our list cut out snowflakes–saw some pretty 3D ones in a restaurant (to find on Pinterest) but the traditional ones are nice too. Make gingerbread houses, random acts of kindness, letting the kids choose a toy to buy for another child, make lussekatter (Swedish bread)…those are a few…

  6. jodi says:

    wow, great activity ideas from every one! we do a christmas book advent calendar. i have lots of memories of my dad reading the night before christmas to us, that i jumped on this idea when i heard of it.
    wrap up all your christmas books, put them under the tree, then each night we open one and read it for our bedtime story. so far we have 14 books so will start unwrapping in a few more days.
    whats nice is grandparents and friends can add to the book hoard each year until we get 24 books, you can also swap out older children books for the baby board books as they grow. unlimited christmas idea potential.

  7. Rachel says:

    I hear you about the work, but I am always surprised (and delighted) but how much my kids love the advent activities. They’ve never complained about not getting a chocolate every day! (though I slip in some mini chocolates when I know we’ll be pressed for time). Favourite, easy, weeknight activities include dancing to the Nutcracker suite, listening to the Messiah, hot cider by the fireplace and singing a Christmas carol for a neighbour. I’ve tried crafts but find it hard to make it enjoyable and engaging for all involved.

  8. Becky says:

    So far we’ve had a tea party, read Christmas stories, had a few pieces of chocolate, had hot cocoa, written a letter to Santa and tonight’s activity is to go to her orchestra concert at school. At this age (sixth grade!!) coordination of the Advent calendar with her social calendar is key! It also makes for short work for me.

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  10. mrsrobinson says:

    These do look fun! We do a Christmas book advent calendar… Oh, with the obligatory Lego one too!