a rainbow birthday party: part one

October 12th, 2010

Almost every party we’ve been to recently has had a pinata, so of course my daughter asked (and asked and asked) to have one at her birthday party. But those pinatas are impenetrable! After about 10 rounds of the kids taking turns whacking the thing (and after one burly dad tries, and fails) someone has to get the scissors or and ax or some sharp object and pry the damn thing open, by which time the kids have lost their minds waiting for the candy. So I thought I’d make my own, which took a lot more time than I bargained for, but a lot less tissue paper than I imagined. And after everyone got three turns, one kid smacked it to pieces.

With all the leftover tissue paper I made some martha poofs for above the picnic table. I forgot how easy these are and how pretty. My daughter gasped when I she saw them!

Inside, we hung rainbows and clouds from the ceiling. We were going to make raindrops too, but somehow forgot. Both projects were very simple and clever and the kids helped with both. The rainbows are made by cutting paper into progressively shorter strips and then stapling them together at the ends. I found the directions for the paper rainbows via the crafty crow.

The clouds are so awesome I can’t get over it. They are made by winding a piece of wire into a corkscrew shape and then twisting into a floof of polyfil. Ingenious. You can find the directions to make your own clouds on ohdeeoh.  These will definitely stick around for a while, maybe even become the long overdue mobile above the baby’s bed.

Enough for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with rainbow food and rainbow favors!

rainbow birthday party: part two

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15 Responses to a rainbow birthday party: part one

  1. Oh man, those clouds are killing me. How delightful! I think we need some. Like maybe a lot of them.

  2. kirsten says:

    beautiful! i love that she gasped! that’s the whole point, right?

  3. I would love to have clouds floating thorugh the house. I’m guessing that the 6’3″ Scrooge that I married would probably not go for it, mind…

  4. kristin says:

    you’re giving me some new decor ideas too…there has been one busy little unicorn at your house

  5. naomi says:

    brilliant! Love it all!!

  6. celeste says:

    lovely! the clouds and rainbows are my favorite. you have my permission to leave them hanging around as long as you like. i’ve been known to leave birthday decor up way longer than is reasonable (like, until the next birthday) but it makes me happy.

  7. erika says:

    Congratulations!! That looks really great, what a lovely theme for a party and the decorations are great, I can’t wait to see more ;-)

  8. Oona says:

    The clouds are precious! They would be super fun for a nursery, too, if you had high ceilings…

  9. molly says:

    oh, now, stunning AND simple?

  10. Dacia says:

    omg i can’t believe how cute your decorations are!!! my 10-year-old self is super jealous!

  11. Holly says:

    Lovelovelove. Can hardly wait for tomorrow. The cupcakes were genious too.

  12. Mom says:

    A talented mom and an appreciative daughter. what more could a body ask for?

  13. […] for a mom to have memorized anyway. We packed it in jars and I wrote the guest’s names on paper rainbows for the top. Luckily my daughter got an awesome playdough kit for a present, because I forgot to […]

  14. I’m loving that pinata! I’ve never made one

  15. trula says:

    What a fantastic party. She must be super proud to have a mom like you. Love the clouds. I think I’ll try to make some, too. Thanks for the link.