zakka style

February 21st, 2012

zakka style

Rashida (of I heart Linen fame) contacted me a long while back to see if I would contribute to her new book, Zakka Style. Of course I said yes! I remade this project, so I could fix the pattern and change the colors a bit. I never did get around to making and selling these pocket pillowcases, but yay for my laziness because now you can make them!

little pocket pillowcase project

The pattern really is quite easy and makes for a lovely gift. The diamonds are fiddly, I won’t lie, but you could skip them and sew any sort of patchwork your heart desires.  The whole book is filled with simple and clever little things to make. And they are designed by some of my favorite people: Holly, Amanda, Leslie, and a good deal more.

continuous towel with patchwork edging

I actually made two projects for the book, but the second one didn’t make the cut. Remember this towel I made? Well, I reworked that project as well: a little bigger, nicer patchwork, and in linen. This continuous towel doesn’t fit in my bathroom and though it does look kind of nice in my kitchen, I think it would look better in yours.

zakka style giveaway

That’s right, a little giveaway for this Tuesday: Zakka Style and a zakka stylish linen towel. To enter yourselves in this giveaway, I would like it if you’d answer a question for me. How do you read blogs? Do you use google reader, links from facebook, twitter, flickr, pinterest, old fashioned bookmarks, something else entirely? I want elsie marley to be easily accessible to all of you, which is easier if I know how you are all accessing it :)

psst: if the answer is facebook, well wouldn’t you know elsie marley’s got a facebook page.

Ok so leave your answer before Thursday Feb. 23 at 9am and I’ll let the robots do the picking. This giveaway is open to all my lovely readers, no matter where you live. Good luck!

 The giveaway is closed! 

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205 Responses to zakka style

  1. Emily says:

    Believe it or not I was just thinking about your towels the other day and how I needed to make some. I read elsiemarley with an RSS feed reader and also using the Pulse app on my phone. Thanks for the giveaway & congrats on the book. I love the pillow idea, too!

  2. erin says:

    i have an Individurls where my blogs are organized – every once in a while i will look back through my bookmarks and see if there’s anything else i should add…thanks for the giveaway – even though i am some minutes pas nine on my clock!

  3. Ellen says:

    Congratulations on the book! Very exciting. I’ll have to look for it. The pillow pocket is very sweet. I made something similar to that for my boys (without the handmade toy). Very nice idea!