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ten fingers workshop

I told you all about her before, but my incredibly talented friend has opened her own etsy shop called Ten Fingers Workshop!  She paints these perfectly hip wooden dolls.  The details are amazing–can you see all the belt loops on that little dude’s jeans?!  You can buy the one of a kind dolls in her shop, or you can contact her for custom dolls.  For christmas I commissioned her to paint my family and my in laws (so everyone had a matching wooden doll on christmas morning) and they were a hit! My daughter calls them her “family guys” and plays with them everyday.  The two pictured above are Miles and Cora and they are my favorites, but there are plenty more and beautiful handmade mobiles as well.  So click over and imagine yourself in wooden doll form…

my friend

I asked my good friend to make these wooden dolls for my daughter this christmas. After seeing the amazing ones she made for her son, I commissioned (!) her to make some that looked like my family. I thought it would be a nice surprise on christmas morning not only for my daughter, but for everyone to see themselves in little wooden doll form. And they were the best present under the tree. From left to right: my husband, me, my daughter, my son, an uncle, grandma, pop pop, and an aunt. Another uncle was left at grandma’s house, but I couldn’t wait for him to get here to show these little works of art. I was going to spend the rest of this post badgering my friend into open her own esty shop, but this morning she told me she is planning on it. You too might have the chance to have some of your very own! So instead I’ll show you the other fantastic present she made for my daughter.

A little felt book that my daughter calls her special book (or my special for short). I had a similar idea after we played with the felt board at the library and had to have a discussion about how we couldn’t take it home. My idea wasn’t as elaborate as this though. There are pockets for all the accessories and the toilet lid even flips open! It’s given me lots of ideas and I’m lucky to have such a generous and talented friend who not only makes beautiful things, but will let me steal her idea and run with it. But best of all is that it kept my daughter busy (and quiet) for most of the christmas traveling.