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All my kids have odd size beds. Our bedrooms are quite small, so to fit all the kids in them we got two extendable beds from Ikea. My son has the leksvik and my daughter has the super cute minnen.  They start out about toddler size and then you can make them longer as the children get, well, longer.  The baby has a wooden travel crib, sort of like this, that I got off craigslist for next to nothing. He is just about to outgrow it, which sucks because it fits perfectly in the corner of our room.

The Ikea beds are kind of awesome and kind of annoying (that pretty much describes everything at Ikea, doesn’t it?).  The only sheets that fit them are of course at Ikea and they are uncharacteristically boring: I think the options were red or blue. This past week I finally got around to making some fitted sheets for everyone. I made them out of vintage sheets I picked up at the thrift store:  sheet from sheets–not my most creative moment.

There are a bunch of tutorials out there on how to make fitted sheets, so I won’t bore you with how I did it (though, if there are a lot of you out there with these Ikea beds I could rustle up the measurements I used).  Between these sheets and the thousand pairs of elastic waist pants I’ve made, I am done with the whole pushing the safety pin through the casing crap. I know there is a tool out there that makes this bearable, isn’t there? When I find it I’m going to retire my extra large, sad, bent up safety pin.

teeter tot


Some friends of mine started a fabulous kid’s consignment sale here in Madison a few years ago called Half Pint.  They have children and jobs and husbands and thought hey let’s have a business too! I really don’t know how they do it, but they do and twice a year to boot. It get’s bigger every year and I’m so happy for their success.  And happy to get a bunch of  fantastic kid’s clothes and toys on the cheap.


I’ve had some great finds at Half Pint (pink high tops, green sneakers, red white & blue speedos) but this little rocker takes the cake. It’s called a teeter tot. And though I can’t tell if it’s actually old, or just faking it I love the look of it–much more than the exersaucer at least.  The baby likes it a little (I really need to make a little seat belt so he stops sliding out) and the big kids love it. They sqeeeeeze in and play baby.  While I’d like to think I’ll pass it down to my kid’s kids I’m guessing it will end up back at Half Pint. If you are local and want to find out about their next sale, and other kid’s stuff too, head over to their blog.


childcraft library

December can’t just be all black and white on the ol’ blog–it is christmas time after all. These beautiful colors came from my local thrift store and were absolutely free. I have always like the childcraft series and had my eye out for the “make and do” volume, but never could find it. The other day I was dropping some stuff at the thrift shop and spotted the whole series in the donation bin. I was tempted to swipe it, but the dude working there was right in front of me and besides stealing from charity is just bad mojo. So I asked him and he said the lady who gave it away was still there and I could ask her. She gave me a thumbs up and I threw all that awesomeness in my trunk.

It’s the 1964 edition and the illustrations are fantastic. The make and do volume is of course my favorite: the projects are super simple and make me feel like I could do them with my children, unlike when I look at Martha and feel like a second rate mom because I can’t deal with glitter.

There might even be some christmas presents in there for the kids to make, or if nothing else they have given me some quiet while the kids l0ok at all 15 of them on the couch, which is a huuuge christmas present for their mama.

little people bag

This is what all those little things on my desk became–a toy bag for little people. It’s up in the shop along with another toy bag (puzzles) and there are more on their way.  This week was making stuff for the shop week and though I’m pretty excited about this new design, not much more than that got done.  I only ventured down in my studio about half of the evenings I was supposed to–I’m a crappy boss to myself I guess.  But there are somethings cut out for the shop that I really want to finish (city skirts and county skirts too!), so I’m just going to keep at it next week. After that we’ll be off to the middle of nowhere on vacation. A whole week! without the internet! I’m guessing there will be cable in the cabin so that kind of evens out the time suck factor. There will also be an enormous lake so I’m not expecting to get much done, but that is the point of vacation anyway isn’t it?

toy piano

I did get to the thrift store while I was away and I couldn’t believe how jam packed with stuff it was.  Turns out my town is full of thrift store scavengers (competition) so the pickins is usually slim.  I think this piano was actually there last time I visited my family (umm, thanksgiving?) but I passed it by.  But really can you pass on a vintage, wooden toy piano for $20 two times? It sound very much like a toy piano–pling, plong–but I kind of like it.

I was thinking I should get a little more organized when it comes to my sewing. I’ve got so many projects that I would like to start and so many that really need to be done and I want to do all of it at once, so I end up staring at fabric or making piles or cleaning up and then it’s time for bed and nothing has been made.  So inspired by some lovely ladies, I thought I’d try to have a goal each week:  making a garment each night of the week (like amanda) or just posing a creative challenge (like fede).  I’d like to do this all summer, but really I think I’ll just start with the next month and see how it goes.  I think it will make me focus a bit better.  This week is just about organzing and getting ready, but I’ll be back next week to post the theme or goal or whatever. If you’d like to join me with your own weekly goals, please do, we’ll get even more done that way I’m sure.