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plastic bag

I have a few more presents to show that have been opened and (thankfully) well received.  This is a plastic bag made from many, many plastic bags.  The directions came from Esty Labs and a quick search on youtube will give you a video of the whole process.  You fuse three plastic bags together between sheets of parchment paper then zigzag them all together to make plastic fabric. I was originally going to make it in the shape of a plastic bag, but I kept melting holes in the plastic and the “fabric” was getting smaller and smaller.  There is a picture of a patchwork plastic bag in the link above, so with that in mind I cut a bunch of squares and using a paper bag for a template (how ironic) made a plastic patchwork bag.  Plastic bags are surprisingly easy to sew and this came together very quickly.  It’s incredibly light and though it doesn’t feel sturdy it can hold a bunch of stuff.  It’s hard to avoid ending up with a bunch of plastic bags these days, even if you make a special effort not to.  And this is a nice way to at least put those evil things to good use.