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things from the thrift store

vintage step stool

an adorable little step stool for the bathroom: “Wash hands and face and do it well when you step on this carousel,”


a basket I know full well I don’t need,

mother fuckin gold shoes

and some gold shoes. gold! shoes!


christmas tins

christmas tins

Some loot from the thrifty store–pretty tins to fill with christmas cookies. Feeling a little old because I’m planning for christmas in september, but maybe that’s just wise rather than lame. I can’t tell.

pretty tin

I’m going to have a hard time letting this one go. I hope you find tons of beautiful things you don’t need at the thrift store this weekend!

p.s. KCWC fall 2011 is filling up fast: 100 people and counting! yay!

things from the thrift store (and one from the curb)

yellow house platter

-a wooden serving tray with a lovely yellow cottage on it. My daughter said, “Is that where Laura [of Little House in the Prarie] lives?”

wool blanket

-a fantastic wool blanket. I got this a while back, but hey! it’s 50 degrees, so we’re still using it! I’m not complaining–this is my kind of summer. Awesome things to do everywhere, but none of that hot ass weather that goes a long with it.

toby toy computer

-a ridiculously analog computer. It’s hilarious, how could I pass it up?

metal basket from the curb

-and this bad boy came off the curb. A metal basket for who know what, but it fits our books perfectly. And it’s awesome.

Get anything good from the thrift store recently?

fisher price cash register

I went back and forth about buying it, because it was ten bucks, but in the end I got it and I’m glad I did. I duct taped some batteries in (why do we have a thousand C batteries on hand?) and the sucker works! Push the green button and the conveyor belt moves, slide something across the scanner and it beeps, and if you push the yellow numbers a bunch of times the receipt pops up.

On the conveyor belt: bananas, a calorie counter book (really, why?), gouda, asprin, toothpaste, cookies and shoe polish. This is definitely an old man’s shopping list–a slightly overweight old man, in the eighties with a hangover. Meet the toy designers of the past.

art swap

There is a fantastic store in my neighborhood that hosts an art swap twice a year in their backyard. It’s just what it sounds like: you bring some art making stuff you don’t want and take some things you do. There are rug hooking kits and mat board and broken lamps and weird little rusty bits and bobs. This year we even scored some pool noodles. I love it because it is so random and so neighborly.  We always get enough paper and markers to last us until the next swap. I was excited to find some dot matrix printer paper (nerd!) for making banners. Remember how many banners we used to make with that stuff with the letters made out of lots of little letters? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you are far too young.

My daughter found that odd wooden bear along with many, many little treasures. And I found a nice stack of knits. After kids clothes week I’m feeling more confident working with them, so I’m sure there will be even more 90 minute shirts and leggings in our future. Anyone know of any good kids clothes patterns for knits (I don’t have enough fabric for anything for me)? I also found this cardboard tub with a metal rim that reminds me of ice cream in the summertime and though it’s sure to get broken in this house I brought it home anyway (along with some snazzy sewing patterns).

I’m really trying not to bring more shit into the house, but I think art supplies should really be an exception–for the kids and for me. And I’m happy to say I brought more things to the swap than I took away, so we are still have less total.  I did find two Taro Gomi coloring books at the thrift store yesterday that I bought. I have been coveting them for quite a while now and I never expected to find them at a secondhand shop. They were a couple bucks each with only a little bit of coloring in one. I think I’ve used up my thrift mojo for while with these.

Speaking of swaps, Melissa over at tigerlily tinkering started a crafty barter marketplace that I think it a fantastic idea. You post about what you want to make, look around to see what other people are interested in making and then see if they would like to trade.  It’s fun to sew little things, but really how many hot water bottle covers does one person need?