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kcwc fall 2012 pinspiration

kcwc inspiration

  1. bright blue elbow patches
  2. dress with purse/pocket
  3. cozy poncho
  4. yellow pants and awesome shirt

Are you thinking about kids clothes week, yet? Have you been spending unnecessary hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration? This year I thought we’d try having one huge kcwc community pinterest board. Doesn’t that sound awesome? If you leave your pinterest username in the comments I can invite you! We can fill the board with tutorials, patterns, fabric, awesome kid clothes both handmade and factory made. Pin your sketches! Pin your lists! Pin your piles of laundry! No, not the last one, unless it’s piles of dirty handmade clothes.

So leave your pinterest name in the comments and then go pin all the amazing things you are planning to make.


kcwc goodness

kids clothes inspiration

Next week is the Kids Clothes Week Challenge! Are you making big lists of what you’re going to sew? In the past during in the week leading up to KCWC I posted sewing tutorials and beautiful children’s clothes for inspiration. But this year I’m putting all that good stuff on Pinterest. Pinterest, if you don’t know, is a new bookmarking site where you can easily post pictures of things you like and it will automatically link back to where you found it. It is an incredibly handy tool. For KCWC I’ve created a few boards that I will continue to fill with amazing kids clothes. One is full of sewing tutorials and the other gorgeous clothes:

The photos in this post are some of the awesome tutorials and clothes I have found so far. You can follow me on pinterest to see when I post more.

tutorials for kids clothes

If you’re not on pinterest or have no interest in joining, no worries. There is plenty of inspiration out there, likeĀ  all the round ups I’ve done for KCWC in the past. Now in one handy spot:



And if that isn’t enough there is a flickr group full of clothes too! If you are signed up (if not, what are you waiting for?) you should join the elsiemarley flickr group if you haven’t already. That’s where we show off all the things we’ve made all week and check it to chat while we’re not at our machines.

There is one more big of KCWC goodness, if you can believe it. All this week I will be posting interviews with children clothes pattern designers. They all are amazing women with small business on etsy and most of their patterns are in PDF format. So you get to meet some fantastic creative people and then, if you like their patterns, you’ll have them right away! Not bad, eh? The first interview will be up later today, so stay tuned….