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sewing book prototype

I’ve been thinking about this project for a while. All my hand sewing supplies are jammed into a crappy bag my husband got at some conference and it’s gotten so bad that I can’t even bear to look at it much less sort it out. I wanted something where everything I needed would be there when I had a minute to sew (and most of the time it is literally a minute). I just wanted to open it up and sew. Immediately a book came to mind and then I thought of these reader’s digest books. We have a couple (back to basics is my favorite) and you can get them at any thrift store. And low and behold next time I went there was this DIY one waiting for me. I was a little nervous at first because it looked like there might be a ridiculous amount of measuring involved, but there really wasn’t and it came together pretty quickly.

On the left there is one removable embroidery floss card, with spots for 4 more (it was getting late) and a big wonky pocket underneath.  In the middle there is a little ribbon to tie a small scissors.  On the right there are some pockets for pencils and a big scissors or glasses, a pincushion, and under the pincushion is a needle book. I think I may make a few more of these just so I can get it right and maybe even to sell (if you think there are people who would buy them).   I think the big pocket should be two pockets that snap close and the needle book needs a snap or some kind of closure too. I have to totally redo the embroidery floss cards because they were a pain the the butt, but I like that they are removable.  Is there something you would add?  It is too matchy matchy? Should I use different fabrics for everything?  I need some feedback over here.

crafty presents

just a little pincushion (from this tutorial) and a needlebook: christmas presents for a crafty friend.  Have you started making for christmas?  I pulled out all my old martha stewarts for ideas and some unfinished christmas projects from last year as well.  I started making stockings for my family, but never finished.   And though I don’t know much about sewing now, I really didn’t know much then–so there is a lot of ripping and rethinking before they can hang on our mantle.   I’m sure you have all seen the daily gift tutorials on Sew Mama Sew (if not, go look), but did you know Jane (from janeandtheducks) is posting christmas gifts she has made everyday.  Makes me feel like I’m sitting on my ass just a little too much.  So I’m going to get up.      right        now.