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creative assignment due: within arm’s reach


The creative assignment: within arm’s reach is due today. Most people–including me!–completely forgot, because Thanksgiving. But I do better with time constraints, so having absolutely no time left to dream about “maybe I’ll do this, or maybe I’ll do that,” I whipped up this little pattern.  (more…)

today is the last day to buy the alphabet collection!

the alphabet collection by elsie marley

the title says it all: today is the last day to buy the alphabet collection! The collection includes four patterns, for both girls and boys, for 20 bucks. Not bad! You can see everything I made from the collection here and some of my favorites from the tour are pictured below.

alphabet collection favorites

1. by petit a petit & family 2. by melissa esplin 3. by kojo designs 4. by shwin & shwin 5. by crafiness is not optional 6. by petit a petit & family 7. by sew a straight line 8. by elegances & elephants


See all the amazing things you can make with just a few patterns! What are you waiting for? Oh wait, you can’t wait–today is the last day to buy the alphabet collection!!

coastal cargos

coastal cargos

I can be kind of a tightwad. I can’t help it–it’s in my midwestern blood to pinch pennies. But maybe you already knew that, seeing as I make my kids’ clothes (and toys and sheets). And I learned to make all those thing from free tutorials on the internet.

coastal cargos

This little red flag pops up in my head when I see a price tag on a pattern or tutorial and my stubborn, Midwestern self thinks, “Well, I could do that.” So I won’t buy the pattern, but instead try to make the garment using what I already know and maybe a poorly lit you tube video or two.

lined pockets

Results vary. Sometimes I’m wildly successful: the garment fits, the details are just right, only a few mistakes are visible. A success like that produces a sewer’s high. I am a genius! I will never buy clothes again! I am completely self sufficient!

zipper fly, closed

Other times, it all goes to hell.  I don’t think I need to elaborate.

zipper fly, open

It has taken me a long time to realize that patterns are there to guide you through the entire process. Maybe I should revise that statement: well written patterns guide you through the entire process.

cargo pocket

Some of the commercial pattern makers out there tend to throw you to the wolves.  But all the indie pattern designers that have been popping up lately genuinely want to teach you how to make the lovely garment they designed.

costal cargos

It’s taken me a year, but when I see an awesome pattern for sale I don’t immediately think, “pshaw, I could do that.” Instead I try to think, “Give the lady a little money, she just wants to show you how to sew better.”

costal cargos

So who taught me to make these awesome pants?  Complete with lined pockets, tuxedo stripe, button tabs, cargo pockets, functioning zipper fly –let me say that a little louder, Functioning Zipper Fly!   Melissa from Melly Sews and Blank Slate Patterns, that’s who.

costal cargos

She and three other designers have come together to give you a group of spring patterns called The Sun & Surf Collection.  All the patterns are adorable and perfect for spring sewing. The collection is only for sale until March 24!

coastal cargos

So give the nice ladies your money, because they just want to teach you how to make awesome clothes!

Sun & Surf at Sew a Straight Line | Sun & Surf at It’s Always Autumn | Sun & Surf at Elsie Marley | Sun & Surf at A Girl and a Glue Gun | Sun & Surf at Mama Says Sew | Sun & Surf at Girl, Inspired | Sun & Surf at Groovybaby and Mama | Sun & Surf at The Cottage Home | Sun & Surf at Craftiness is Not Optional | Sun & Surf at Skirtastop | Sun & Surf at Straight Grain | Sun & Surf at Me Sew Crazy | Sun & Surf at Delia Creates | Sun & Surf at Max California



crocheted snowflakes

crocheted snowflakes


I am determined to crochet a snowflake this year. Preferably more than one, but after the first hot mess I made, I would settle for just one. I used a Martha Stewart pattern and it was actually quite clear, but my thread was too thin and I couldn’t work with it at all. These linen ones make me want to try again:

linen snowflake


Crocheted snowflakes just look so lovely hanging in a window…

snowflakes in the window


or strung together to make a garland…

crocheted snowflake garland


or crocheted around a bit of wood…

crochet snowflake ornaments


or crochet together to make a christmas scarf.

snowflake scarf


Crochet totally beats out knitting when it comes to making snowflakes (oh I’m totally keeping score). Most of the time crocheters get the short end of the stick (and the shaft at yarn stores—seriously what is the deal?), but those beautiful, delicate snowflakes are all crocheted.

Of course crochet can’t stay classy for very long, oh well.

crochet toilet cozy

snowman toilet cozy : :  santa toilet cozy

interview with yasuko from dans la lune

Yasuko is a children’s wear designer out of Hong Kong. She makes lovely patterns for girls and boys (sometimes those poor boys get forgotten) and sells them from her etsy shop, Dans La Lune. This is my last interview for the week. KCWC starts on Monday! I hope you learned about some new designers and maybe even got some patterns for next week. Do you have a list yet? Be bold and tell everyone what it is (on flickr or your blog). And I’ll see you here on Monday!

dans la lune

1. When did you start sewing kid’s clothes?
About 10 years ago I got interested in making bags out of Kimono fabrics. Then after my first child was born, I started to sew more baby clothes. I was in London at the time and I could not find anything original for boys that didn’t cost a fortune. That’s why I tried to make them by myself.

2. How did you get into designing patterns?
It’s quite simple: I just thought if I can make my own design of kids clothes, it would be twice the fun. Also I enjoy so much the combination of many kinds of fabric. That’s what I really like.

dans la lune PDF e Pattern - Bermuda Shorts Pants

3. Do you have a specific kind of child in mind when you are working on your designs?
There are lots of cute clothes for girls, but maybe not so much for boys. So I want to try and focus on unisex designs. But I also really enjoy making cute dresses for girls whenever I find a beautiful fabric.

4. How do you think children should dress?
Surely I believe children should wear comfort clothes because they are very active, they need to jump and run around all day long! Then on top of it if we can make the clothes out of our own taste’s fabric, we can enjoy much more putting them to our children.

dans la lune

5. Do you think what you wear influences how you dress your kids or design your patterns?
No hesitation: Yes. For example when I wear my favorite dresses, I imagine if I could have a same dress for a little one.  Then I try to find a really original fabric for children as they can wear anything so well!

6. Do you also sew clothes for yourself?
I used to do it before but not recently.

dans la lune monkey pants

7. What children’s clothes designers do you admire?
I like Agnes b. because her design is very simple yet original. I also love Anna Sui. I saw some girls dresses the other day again, they are so pretty. I am just a big fan of her colour choices.

Thank you Yasuko! Check out her etsy shop for all the patterns show here and more!